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    Hi there! I'm the most patriotic person you will ever meet. I'm a 19 year old gamer who enjoys pretty much any type of game, including minecraft! I have played minecraft since 2013, but have since have taken a break from the game for a few years during that time. I've been on a lot of survival servers, but this one has really peaked my interest from it's surprising quality. I primarily play on the blue server, but sometimes I will play the red one. Nice to meet you all!



    Hello AmericanEagle! Welcome to AspiriaMC! I hope you have enjoyed your time on the server so far, and continue to return. Feel free to message me anytime, my IGN is Chreia and my discord is #Chreia3298 on our server Discord. Feel free to message me anytime, and I'll respond as soon as possible.
    Have a wonderful day!