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  • Solved How do I change Minecraft versions in Launcher?

    How do I change from 1.14 to 1.13.2 on Minecraft launcher?
    I cant find option to change to an earlier version , since I cant get into the AspiriaMC server. Thanks for anyone who can give me the steps in order to change versions. :)


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    Ok here is your tutorial:
    When you first load into Minecraft, you will see this screen:

    After you see that screen, go to the top, and click on the Installation option. Once you click that you should see, a option that says "new"

    Click on the "new" icon, and you will see this, appear on your screen.

    Next go to "Version" and scroll down to the version you wish to play on.

    Then click create, and you have created your installation. You could also give it a name, where it says "unnamed installation".

    After you are satisfied with, your version, and the name, click create, and click the play button to go back to the home screen. Then where it says your current version In the bottom left click the arrow, and click the new version you just created. Then you should be all set.

    (Screenshots 2 and 3 are swapped)
    Hope this helps a little bit.
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