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  • How do i make a Gif signature?


    My Method:

    I know about most of these types of things because I have my own blog and im in other forum/messaging boards. (bear with me xD im bad at explaining things)

    here is my gif (note you will need to use a image hosting website depending on what method you are using.) I use tinypic.

    then you would get "IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards" code after uploading your gif. then you would put it in your signature. using the code.

    And here is the finished product. Please tell me if you need me to explain it again. I explain really bad sorry.


    I personally use Giphy. I go onto the Gifs properties by right clicking to find the image URL then copy that. go onto your signiture tab in your account options and inert an image. It will ask for the image URL, paste it and done ^.^ hope this helps
    same, just plain beautiful, but its just sad that it had to end, after they come to the real world and ALO, it all just sux tbh. There's less romance, more stupid pokemon style "smiling happily" parts, everyone is just serious about stuff that isnt rlly important, and happy about dumb stuff. GGO was good too tho.