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  • How do you file an unban application?


    Junior Mod
    Junior Mod
    Go to the 'More' section at the top of your screen. The following will be a photo of the more section:
    Once you have selected the more option, please click on the option that says, 'Unban Applications.' The following will be a photo of the 'Unban Application' option:
    Then once you click on the 'Unban Applications' option, a page like this should appear:

    If this is the case, you have successfully arrived at the ban appeal section. The next thing you should do is select on 'Appeal Example' to get an idea of what the idea should look like. Here is the option you should press to see the 'Appeal Example' (The Option not the contents inside):
    Once you have clicked that option, a page like this should appear:
    Next, click on the option (On the same page) that says, 'Punishment Appeal Format' and this section should appear: https://imgur.com/a/tIkWnvN

    Next thing to do is to copy and paste the previous photo, onto where it says 'Write your message' and here is a photo of that section: https://imgur.com/a/7UTRL3K

    Then delete the pre-made answers from the appeal example, and write your own information. (Using the example appeal's answers results in an instant denial)

    Then click on the option that says, 'Post Reply' and this is a photo of what that option should appear as: https://imgur.com/a/ouMuLLp

    Now, once you click 'Post Reply' you have successfully made an unban application! Hopefully, you learn from your mistakes and will not have to review this post again. Have a good day, and stay out of trouble.