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  • how does the clame work in the blue server

    in the red server i made a 24 story building and it all falls within my claim, on the blue server i made a 2 story building claimed it twice because it warned me and now somebody still stole all my emeralds and diamonds gold and iron. i had like 20 diamonds and 6 emeralds a whole day of work just gone.... and again i claimed the bloody room twice and i checked with somebody and it still isnt claimed. i dont care about the diamonds but can someone please give me my emeralds back i havent even gotten the chance to see what you can do with them


    The claiming system appears to be the same in both. A stick will denote where claims are made and who has the claim. The golden shovel is used at two opposing corners to mark the space. I generally claim 1 beyond my build at a minimum to ensure that it is done. I always use my stick to check my claim when I'm done. Sometimes the claiming shovel resets before a second click.
    The claiming system is the same. You use the golden shovel and right click where you want to start your claim. Once you pick a place to start your claim you move a couple blocks outward and then right click again. Once thats been done, you've created your claim! if you wanted to see the claim you've made, get a stick and right click it to see what you created or to see who owns other land! I hope this post helps out! :)
    Please i need help in the blue server i can't return to my house some resson when i do /home this one shows up to me [ teleport location is unsafe - void] please any admin can to take me to my house?
    [DOUBLEPOST=1563791844,1563791691][/DOUBLEPOST]i am at the spawn area help me


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    Do /claimlist too see your claimed land. Ask a mod, to tp close to the cords, of your home, to not harm you, or make you loose your items. When one is online, ask and i'm sure they will help you. Best of luck to you. If you need anything, or need help in game my ign is jojowildson.



    If you did not do a claim or use /sethome, unless you know the X and Z coordinates, you may just want to use /rtp to start a new location. I have used my fly ability to get a few people to their homes so someone may be kind enough to do that if you are on the server. ...but you do need to know the map location. As jojowildson noted, using /claimlist or if you noted your X/Z location from F3. If I am on I would surely help but I may not be on this evening.