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  • How to become staff! (Tips)

    There comes a time where you feel like you really want to help out, but always get denied on your application. Right? This thread will teach you a thing or two about improving in certain areas. ( These tips my friend told me as he has experience being a staff member )

    1: Maturity. To be a staff member, you need to be mature. You can't get mad and go on a rampage and cause grief in chat. Sure, you think most people who do that are little kids, but think again. I know some people who are like, 14 and they do that. This next one will sound weird, but it's true. Usually when puberty hits, you have more consistent behavior, and act differently then you did when you did when you were a little kid, some people might be nicer, more responsible, ETC, And some people might do bad things. Of course, this isn't true with all people.

    2: Proof Read. Don't just put random stuff down. Most people just put "im mature" and "I handle stressful situations well" but really they just got that statement from somewhere. Sooo many people say those 2 things. "Proof read" key words. Basically go in depth and explain WHY and HOW you are mature, ETC.

    3: At least KNOW you'll be a good staff member when you apply? A lot of people apply just to want to be staff. They put dumb stuff down and the app looks horrible, and not good to read. They usually just want power. It just wastes staff members time reading it. I feel you, staff members.. just... try to make it look good, okay? Which brings me into my next one.....

    4: Make the app good to read! I repeat, a staff member is definitely not going to hire you if your app is horrible and they don't want to waste their time looking at something they can barely understand. Make things make sense. Put punctuation in. Put it in paragraphs. Organize it neatly. Put caps where they need to be. Don't just put the whole thing in clumps of words. Space bar works!

    5: Make it detailed! Don't make it really short! You really need to go IN DEPTH in WHY you want to be and HOW you would be a better staff than other people applying. Those are the blanks you need to have the most info in! Make it long, but not multiple paragraphs of saying the same exact thing over and over again.

    Well, I hoped this helped some of you! A lot of people have trouble on these specific categories, and I think this will really help them a lot!

    Good luck,


    (P.S this took like 20 mins to write. And I might make a voiced one on my YouTube channel in the future as I got recording software that doesn't lag...)


    Hey man, this should be under tutorials. :p
    Also, try getting accepted for staff on a few servers before making a guide. While some of the things you mentioned might be helpful, they do not come from your own experience and it might prove to be unhelpful. Nothing personal, i like the fact that you are trying to help out players. :)
    Well, I guess you're right. But I did get these tips from a friend who does have experience, which I mentioned. And I didn't put it under tutorials because it says "in game threads" or something like that above it.


    SOME recording softwares use specific requirements. Look for one thats best for your computer. I use bandicam but I'm sure there's better ones out there. I get 60fps Bandicam drops it to 20fps.


    Oh man, i used to use Bandicam.. Its slow, trust me.. U want OBS recorder, its super fast, has all the options u need. Plus its completely free, which is weird. It doesn't have ads nor anything.
    SOME recording softwares use specific requirements. Look for one thats best for your computer. I use bandicam but I'm sure there's better ones out there. I get 60fps Bandicam drops it to 20fps.
    I use OBS; I used to use Bandicam, it's honestly very crappy. It has a watermark, and to be honest, just makes YOUR gameplay and recordings noticeably slower. OBS is amazing; but if you get your settings right on


    if you have an NVIDIA Graphics card that is the GTX 650 or higher you can use Shadowplay it records whatever your monitor resolution is at 60 fps. I've had no issues with this recording software what so ever
    Ignore that some staff members in the past contacted staff to upvote them, got horrible scores, etc.

    The real secret? Write down 20 essays worth of words. It'll make you look good (apparently) and you'll probably become staff. Maybe even an Admin?!
    A wise man once told me, "Don't apply to become a mod to get mod commands."
    He said, "apply because you want to help people more."

    If you want to become a mod, make sure you're not a jerk, or learn how to not be one.
    Try to make no enemies.
    Try to make friends.
    Don't use ppl that kiss your butt for some reason as references.
    Try to WB ppl that haven't been on in awhile. For a lot of people, you, saying WB, will be the nicest thing that's happened all day.

    As a mod, there will be a lot of people you meet that you WILL NOT LIKE.
    An important thing to remember is, that person, might have everyone they know, tell them how great they are all the time and stuff.
    So, if for some weird reason, they decide YOU are the first person they've met, that 'they don't like'.
    That makes YOU the badguy.
    Cause you probably already know a list of ppl you don't like haha, you hater.

    Try to be nice.