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  • Howdy! I'm o0Appledance0o. Nice to be here.

    Hay all, I've been playing on the server (blue side) for a few days now and really enjoying myself. I'll be honest and point out I did try out several other servers but found them not to be as stable as this one; I've experienced very occasional minimum lag on this server over the past week, kudos to you guys. I'm one of those ancient people who discovered MC in it's very early days and paid just a £4 donation for a lifetime membership and as a result corrupted the lives of many of my friends. At the time I knew I was taking part in something special but had no idea MC would become the beast it is today.


    Junior Mod
    Junior Mod
    Hello, o0Appledance0o! Welcome to AspiriaMC! I hope you have enjoyed your time on the server so far, and will return. Feel free to message me anytime, my IGN is Astrothesia and my discord is Astrothesia#3298 on our server Discord. I'll do my best to respond as soon as possible.

    I'm glad you have enjoyed our server!