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  • Hydra's Weekly Report / Spilling my thoughts and plans

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    Hi there. It's me, Hydra(Killer90). I've been playing for years, but recently I've been very inactive!
    So, to make up for that I'm gonna start posting these weekly progress/idea reports. every week on wednesday

    Week One

    Hypex the failed city in oldred
    Hypex, a rename of Hydropolis (Horrible name! I know!) .

    I hope that Hypex will store millions of dollars in it's vault.
    In it's walls, it stores many more things than players.

    Hungry? No problem! We will have multiple food farms, animals and crops! Even rotten flesh, if you're into that..

    Need something? Trade with the multiple villagers we'll have, or buy something from the other players!

    Too many items? Want to get more money out of them? Create your own small shop in the mall!

    Bored? Try the various functional games in the arcade!

    How am I gonna get the funding for this project though? Well, introducing my new store.

    Bionyx it's like heaven

    All the items you've ever wanted. Everything, right in front of you.

    Everything from cobblestone to emeralds. Cheaper than store price. How am I able to afford all of this? Iron farms. A lot of them.

    That's all I have to share this week. Thank you for your time.
    Not open for further replies.