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  • I got banned by a rogue mod

    her name is Kitty she is a junior mod and I destroyed 1 beacon a few hoppers and a chest but I didnt take anything. Kitty then asked i give back what i stole but i didn't steal anything. she then proceeded to ban me for 5 days for stealing and not owning up for it. that a lie and i wish to be unbanned


    Iron Member
    Please submit an unban application. As shown on the login screen when connecting to the Aspiria network.


    Since it is a no grief server I believe that just breaking them is against the rules. The fact that you left them sit to despawn made it worse as they may have just let you go with a warning if you had them to return.
    https://aspiriamc.com/rules/ See main rules 1. Then review them all to help from having future issues.
    The unban application can be found here: https://aspiriamc.com/applicationform/unban-application.2/form
    I do suggest a slightly different approach when filling this out if you want to even get reviewed for an early removal of the ban.