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  • Is the Internet lottery a form of cheating?

    Hello, everyone. The lottery is now a popular pastime around the world. That's why players started to play it even online. I would like to try but I am stopped by the fact that many such sites with online games often turn out to be cheaters and no one can get the winnings. Do you know a good site that is sure and I can play this game without worrying?


    You can play on https://lotterywinner.in/ where you will not be cheated and I will tell you the system of this game. Online lotteries, like their paper counterparts, are released in advance. The difference is that the real cards in the old paper lotteries were stored in the operator's or distributor's warehouse, while the online lotteries are stored in a virtual vault. The moment you have already selected your bet, that is, the face value of the ticket, and pressed the "Play" or "Open All" button, the artificial intelligence - the central lottery system - produces one random ticket with a pre-specified result. It works the same way as if a kiosk salesman took the top card from the general stack. The result is prescribed, but no one knows it.