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    Hi, I'm "new", I've been playing on and off for about a year now. I'm not usually in chat, and this is my first forums post. (I know- this isn't the introductions thread...get to the point!)

    I have been stuck on level 18. Every time I break a cactus block, it gets down to zero remaining to break, but wont let me level up. So I figured I needed to break MORE, but that ends up putting me into a negative blocks to break point... And every time I place a cactus block, the number goes up.

    Is there any way to fix this, or am I stuck at level 18 forever?



    Heya @Iheartslb_! Welcome to the server, I don't care if this is an introduction thread or not!

    The way our system works is whenever you break a block that counter should go up - Cactus should go from 0 to 1. Whenever you place that block that number goes down, from 0 to -1 (and yes, some players have needed to break thousands of cactus because of building cactus farms). That 0 isn't telling you how many left to break, it's saying you've broken 0 of the 200 necessary to level.

    I'm not entirely sure how, but what you're describing is the exact opposite of the way it should be functioning. Definitely let us know if the issue persists and there are more oddities with the requirements, but for now I've moved you up to level 19.




    i don't know if this will help, but try getting someone else to place the cacti for you or try finding a desert and break the natural ones.

    You also need to break the tall cacti from top to bottom because if you break only the bottom block of let's say 3 block tall cactus, it gives you 1 point towards your level, not 3.
    Sorry, yes this has been sorted. Multi has bumped me up to level 19. The issue itself wasn't fixed (mostly because no one knows WHY it happened, probably a glitch of some kind?), but my leveling up was.

    Thank you.
    Not open for further replies.