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    I want to hire six people to build me a medium sized castle in the 'Survival Blue' world.
    The payment upon completion is 100.000$ per builder.


    I want the castle built based on the actual Kaer Morhen model, however, the linked model is a ruin.
    I want you to make it as if it were not a ruin, so, instead of making decorative holes, etc, fill them up.
    Here's a
    link to a model which you can open in your browser & observe from any perspective.

    Things You Should Know
    • Do not leave empty caves or holes.
    • Make the borders look natural.
    • Obtain materials & tools yourself.
    • Do not claim nearby land.
    • Building interior is optional.
    • Main material should be polished diorite, to fit the white from the model.
    • Make actual machicolations wherever they are in the model. (An example for machicolations can be found in my introduction thread.)

    The project has been canceled & the incomplete castle was given away to an active player.
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    You will get the best results by advertising this in the Aspiria discord under the Marketplace section.