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    I want to hire six people to build me a medium sized castle in the 'Survival Blue' world.
    The payment upon completion is 100.000$ per builder.


    I want the castle built based on the actual Kaer Morhen model, however, the linked model is a ruin.
    I want you to make it as if it were not a ruin, so, instead of making decorative holes, etc, fill them up.
    Here's a
    link to a model which you can open in your browser & observe from any perspective.

    Things You Should Know
    • Do not leave empty caves or holes.
    • Make the borders look natural.
    • Obtain materials & tools yourself.
    • Do not claim nearby land.
    • Building interior is optional.
    • Main material should be polished diorite, to fit the white from the model.
    • Make actual machicolations wherever they are in the model. (An example for machicolations can be found in my introduction thread.)

    The project will begin once all six builders have been recruited & added to the MCMMO party.
    Reply to this thread &/or message me in the game if you want to participate or have any questions.
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    Junior Mod
    You will get the best results by advertising this in the Aspiria discord under the Marketplace section.