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  • minor grief

    Hey, My name is Craft. I don't know if this server has logs for block break or whatnot, but on the off chance...

    I claimed most of my areas, but when i logged on this evening, just a few hours later off my last login. I noticed that areas outside my claim had been ransacked. Nothing major, blocks broken, minor buildings gone, crops that spread outside the zone all gone. It would have had to have happened between 5pm and 7pm Mountain standard time GMT -7 on today 7/5/19

    I wasn't harmed much but this is a small budding town of 4 players collaborating and if i didn't have so much claimed i feel it would have been a lot worse. If you can check the logs and keep tabs on the player that did it, I feel it may help out someone else in the future whose homes may be less protected. I'm new to this server but I know how important it is to feel safe to play and create, and this server has been very cool and welcoming to play in so far. I appreciate that.

    If a mod wants the coords, message me and i'll send them. Thank you for any and all assistance.


    I know it has been a few days, but you are better off to request this review in game. They will come to where you are and can not only review, but roll back the issues if needed. Likely you have corrected or built more since which can cause more problems on a roll back. This may be more helpful in the future if you have another minor grief in game. Just ping for support at the time. Best of luck and sorry you had someone grief your stuff.


    Yes. Collaborate with a mod in game. Most likely we can issue a refund but also remember that you can buy additional claim blocks with coins in the /shop to make sure all you builds and belongings are protected.