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    Fair time to you,
    I come here in the hopes of overruling a considerably unjust discord chat mute; Respect to the moderator responsible for muting me is of course to be established prior to my justification. In a conversation unrelated to this offense, I spoke to another staff member by the name of Chreia about a prior mute. He advised that the report I had originally posted was only to joke, and that there was no proof that such an action was in violation of the rules. I advised Chreia that I am a former police officer and do not have ill will when attempting to spread information about rule violations. The argument had a source link proving the rule violation was in fact legitimate, although given the context it was a joke; however, regardless of the intent, much like involuntary manslaughter, such an act is still a violation of a preset rule.

    I then spoke to CaptainKitty, another member of staff who I exchanged such information with and they advised that regardless of any possible connection to the prior infringement it was provoking players and trolling. I advised them that it was not reasonable given the prior dismissal of my mute as there was no intent of trolling or provoking players evident in my prior quick report, as it was only to assist in letting server members know about the infringements and that if they persisted in such rule violations, I would report them appropriately in questions and quick reports. As a former peace officer it was incorrect that such actions went unreported or even spoken of to the individuals who were violating the rules, as the career requires a level of respect and upholding of order and the rule of law.

    Attached are the documents spoken of during the conversation as well as support from members of the community in my actions, and my lack of understanding behind the accusation found later to be toward me about incessant trolling. If warning server members before reporting them is illegitimate, I would have accepted such a reality and simply reported them; however, no such stipulations exist in the rules nor does a rule negating members of the server to encourage following of the rules.


    Not open for further replies.