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    Hey all,

    When I joined this server in late August (2019), I strived to bring change to the network in a positive light. I've done what I feel was the best course of action, altering the things that I felt needed the most improvement. I worked alongside both players and staff members to rework and reissue our rules, punishment guidelines, as well as how staff handle situations. I wished to make the staff team more consistent, personable, and professional. I believe I've achieved that in spades, and that's something that I'm very proud of. I'm proud of how far this staff team has come in only four short months.

    However, nothing is certain in this business. Change is paramount for the success of a network, and that's something you all witnessed firsthand four months ago when I was brought onto the network. Big and I have discussed the best course of action is for Aspiria moving forward. The result of this conversation is that I will be leaving my managerial position. I know that Big is going to do amazing things with this network in the near and far future. I hope that whoever assumes my position, whether in full with the Manager rank, or in part by performing my old duties, will do so admirably.

    As a parting message, I'd like to say thank you to this community. Truly, this server has had the most unique community I've had the pleasure of working alongside of. I've seen some of the oldest builds on the server on Old Red, as well as gotten to know some amazing people. Throughout the time I've gotten to know you all, I've laid down a stepping stone, a framework, for all staff members to improve themselves as well as get more involved with you guys; the community.

    I believe that all of you, this ENTIRE community, make Aspiria what it is. This community has given me every realm of emotions from happiness to sadness, and anger to humility. In my years of working in Minecraft and other game communities, this one has left a larger impact on me than many others. This community, you all together, have survived through countless versions of Minecraft. Not only that, but you've survived through drama small and large, and a sleuth of other issues that were put to rest in the past months. In the end, you are all still together, and together, you make Aspiria what it is.

    I've gotten to meet some fantastic people, some who I hope I still talk to as friends in the coming months, and years. For that, I'd like to say thank you. For allowing me to see this community for what it is, and experience it first-hand. Unlike other servers, this one screams with life and passion, relinquishes love and hate... For better or for worse.

    I wish all of you the best of luck in 2020,
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