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  • Unsolved Nametagged Non-Hostile Mobs Despawning

    Hi, I have a small chicken farm in my base:
    Chunk: -223 5 -648
    Coords: -3564 87 -10363
    Whenever i add 2 chickens into a currently empty slot, another 2 will simply vanish into smoke particles.
    They are all Nametagged (Haphy) and there are currently less than 10 mobs in that particular chunk.
    The farm is split between 2 chunks, yet the other has no issues whatsoever.

    If someone could please look into this, i would be most grateful (and maybe the hair I've torn out will grow back in the meantime)
    Regards, Mat (X_Mathias_X)


    Sounds like they are too close to other mobs and either entity cramming is removing them or chunk limits. Catch a moderator in game next time you are in to look at it.