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  • New rank

    Name of rank - Leader (Since we already have director)
    Prefix Colour - Red (Since red looks awesome) or Rainbow coloured
    Extra perms - Flyspeed 2 & 3 (Fly speed 1 is just to slow)
    Cost: 200-250$ (Or 25-75$ if upgraded from ultimate)


    I disaggre with this idea. First of all because flying speed x2 or x3 would be unneccecery and overpowered. Also i dont think that more ranks are needed because ive heard that big wants the server to be harder, so to add more ranks and perks wouldnt be neccecery for the server. Red color is good color idea but rainbow i dont think good idea, because i think its cringe when prefixes are rainbow color because often newbie servers have crazy prefix colors, so i dont think it looks proffesinal at all. Also i think leader is bad name for the rank,because there isnt a theme really: supporter:as in im supporting the server legend: as in im supporting the server legendly god as in im supporting the server godly. STOP! thats kinda a pattern right supporter legend god kinda is pattern, if you look at the ranks as power supporter tier 1 legend tier 2 god tier 3 and it makes sence a legend is better than a supporter and a god is better than legend. BUT after god comes titan: im supporting the server titanly. I think titan is a tier 2,5 so now the tier system for the rank names fudged up. Next is director and ultimate dont have anything to type about that. Okey lets go back to the name leader, i would say leader and director is the same thing. From what i understand director is abit more like the founder the the person who lead a project into a way. Leader is like im the leader of this project. Sorta the same thing but from my description i think director sounds more op than leader ill give director a tier 4 and leader tier 0,5. So thats my opinions.