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    Hello, hello!

    Over the past few weeks, my activity has fluctuated between all of our platforms. I've been working alongside the entirety of the staff team, and many players to edit and tweak varying aspects of Aspiria to create a better experience. One of the first things I tackled was staff organization, as well as rule reworking. The main complaint I received from players was that staff were not consistent, and this is something that will be alleviated today. In the coming days, you'll see more threads opening up explaining the new roles of staff members, as well as new staff-specific implementations, and what they mean for you.

    | New Rules
    I've worked with the senior team, as well as many members of the community to find a good medium between leniency and being strict. I've also gotten various opinions on different ways that things are handled to improve upon them. That said, we are now enforcing new rules/punishment guidelines. These guidelines are effective immediately, and staff will be pushed to use these new punishment times from herein. The rules being on a thread will allow us to update them easier as time goes on, and have a more concise (and understandable) /rules in-game for new players.

    You can view the new rules thread HERE. You can also view the allowed modifications thread HERE.

    | Staff Ladder Reorganization
    When I arrived, the staff ladder had an internal negative opinion. Stopping at Moderator, those who worked very hard to reach where they were felt as if they were stuck. Staff members potentially feeling disrespected, or underappreciated isn't the way to treat those enforcing your rules. My goal was to add something for all staff members to work toward, regardless of their rank. The first step to this was to reorganize the staff ladder.

    You will see the following ranks in-game:
    Helper ->Junior Moderator -> Moderator -> Senior Moderator -> Administrator

    Of course, Developer, Manager, and Owner will remain as ranks above Administrator.

    | Staff Subteams
    Another addition that I've pushed is staff subteams. Very soon, staff members will be able to sit down and ask to join one of the five subteams we have. In a thread that will be released soon in the introductions section, you will be able to see all of the current subteam members, as well as a short description of what each subteam is expected to do. Subteams will assist players by being able to effectively split up some of the things staff members can do beyond normal moderation, and go above and beyond to support Aspiria. Expect to see more events, bugs being looked into faster, suggestions being investigated quicker, and much more in the coming weeks.

    | Staff Wave
    Aspiria is in dire need of more staff members, those who can actively contribute, and assist the network's growth. When I arrived, my goal was to release the aforementioned changes, and then accept the most promising members of the staff team. As promised, here is the mid-month staff wave.

    That said, let's welcome our newest additions to the team!

    After the aforementioned new arrivals accept their position, they will be orientated. After their orientation, they will receive their permissions and tags in-game, as well as on the forums and Discord. Further instructions to those accepted will be sent via DM on Discord.

    In addition to that, the following staff members have performed beyond admirably, and are given the chance to proceed along the staff ladder.

    |Helper > Junior Moderator
    |Helper > Junior Moderator
    |Trial Moderator > Junior Moderator
    |Junior Moderator > Moderator
    > Krideri​
    |Moderator > Senior Moderator
    > Alex_The_Hermit​
    |Moderator > Player
    Here's a congratulations to those that were promoted along the staff ladder. You have proven your ability to handle situations with ease, as well as do what's best for the network.

    Unfortunately, one of the longer standing staff members on Aspiria is being let go. I've heard, and seen a lot of good from Alex in older threads. I've seen people talk about him admirably. I respect him, and I think everyone here does. However, with an ever-growing network, having a staff member inactive for over 30 days for any given reason looks bad on us. While Alex might be a fantastic staff member, we have our requirements for playtime and dedication to the network. Life comes first, and I'm sure we all understand that, and it's a shame that he has to be let go. If Alex ever decides to return, he could easily return with his old position. I, for one, hope Alex returns and becomes active enough to return to the team. I'm sure we all do.

    That's all for today!


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    Junior Mod
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    Junior Mod
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    Junior Mod
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