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    Is the app needed?

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    I've been working on an app for OldTown for quite a while, actually im using it right now, Its basically the website in an app form, a few little tweaks and fully functional, its available for Android via apk, if someone wants it, contact me so I'll mail it to you or Skype it
    Is it available for apple devices??
    Not yet, If BiG allows, I'll transfer the app to the Google Play Store, App Store and even Windows Store. For now the app is an APK, which means you need to download it from the internet, Only Android soppurts that


    Okay, so basically what it does is creates a "warpper"* around the website.Which can be done on IOS by simply opening the website in safari and clicking "Add to Home Screen". For Android I'm not 100% sure, but I believe it is also possible. The website itself is suppose to be mobile compatible, and a "wrapper" won't make it any better, so its not going to happen.

    *I'm not going to explain what it means, but lets just say its better to browse the website on a browser like google chrome, rather then a wrapper.