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  • Player report - NagChampa94

    NagChampa94 has been using offensive language and has been discussing inappropriate topics as well as being racist in the chat. At roughly 19:30 UK time he began discussing suicide rates in Norway in the chat and despite multiple complaints refused to believe he was acting wrong. Unfortunately I cannot upload screenshots on my iPad. Someone unfortunately needs to look through chat logs at around 13-17:00 UK time. Hope this doesn't go unnoticed and gets him punished.
    I would like to address that I was discussing on the subject of suicide rate, and its a fact that norway has one of the highest rates of suicide because of the low amount of sunlight. That's not being racist in no way. I would like to counter report Livinaftershock for being rude and telling Fibs about me. I will be uploading photos that I took of the chat momentarily. Also while I'm at it, I'll be reporting other players as well that where instigating the conversation into an argument. But I'm sure BiG can see the chat log and reside with me, that I was not doing anything inappropiate, if anything, being victimized by people like you Livin that was trying to ruin my reputation and defame me.

    Also in the chat log you'll also notice Goku22Gamer evading filter block to insult(I have pictures as proof I'll also upload shortly)
    [DOUBLEPOST=1423254608][/DOUBLEPOST]I would also like to report CodingZeeph for threatening to kill another player if he changes his name.
    And also other people calling me "A Nag" saying now they know why my name is NagChampa because im a nagger.

    NOTE: i dont know how to upload pictures, someone teach me
    I'd say suicide rates are a bit out of topic on a family friendly minecraft server... Especially when users under the ago of 12 are present in the server.
    [DOUBLEPOST=1423256100][/DOUBLEPOST]And gokugamer has spammed a lot asking for help when I've told him what to do.
    [DOUBLEPOST=1423256172][/DOUBLEPOST]And nag you compared someone's act of selling land to native Americans. That is racist.
    There are 2 ways of uploading pictures. 1. Go to www.imgur.com. Make a account if you didn't have one already. Put your mouse over your name in the top right corner. Than click "images". You are presented with 2 buttons: Computer and Web. Click "Computer" and select the screenshots out of your computer. Than press "open". This will upload the screenshot to your account. Be aware, someone can only view your screenshots if they view the "photos" part of your account. 2. Upload the screenshot to www.mcoldtown.com. First follow my instructions on number 1. Than click the screenshot in the "photos" section of your account. There are a bunch of links for your photo on the right side. Copy the direct link. Than on www.mcoldtown.com, click the "image" button when you are posting something. Paste the link into the box you are presented with. Than click "insert" and boom! There it is!
    And nag you compared someone's act of selling land to native Americans. That is racist.
    I'd like to jump and have you first look the definition of racist. That's not racist, those are historical facts. So if he's somehow comparing it to what happen to native americans, well idk in what context it was used since i wasn't there, but technically, Native Americans (Indians) where forced to sell land. Please provide backup proving how it was used in a racist manner.