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    So a couple days ago a player with the name DoctorClockWork came to me and asked me if he could work for me. I accepted telling him that his job would be to expand my cocoa bean farm and grind cocoa beans for me to sell. He told me his goal and i gave him a paycheck that was appropriate for his goal and i gave him 10k at first to expand the farm. I come back the next morning to find that he has expanded the farm and gotten himself 188k with not even leaving me a single cocoa bean to sell. Eventually he took the farm as his own and refused anything I told him and threatened to grief if I were to put any tax because of my ownership. Also he built a house outside my house without my consent or permission. And to that time point he has not given me any cocoa bean to sell meaning that he has not done his job at all. I come on later to find my farm cut to even smaller than it was before. He Griefed not only what he did but also what I did. And a couple days age he said he would help me with farming but got himself 800k and griefed me and bailed. And now he is claimblocking my house because of the big base he built but i dont mind about that since I already had enough space. Please look into this any staff that is reading. Thanks!
    I could try get proof if you specify what kind of proof you need
    [DOUBLEPOST=1563608912,1563608882][/DOUBLEPOST]Like exatly what picture and what needs to be in there