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  • Player Using Vulgar Language

    This player (ikilledutwo and WermMaster) have used vulgar language multiple times while I have been on the server and is simply being inappropriate. Please do something, Thank you!
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    If it is possible, to do /discord and put your evidence there? Maybe some screenshots of him using vulgar language. That would be easier, for the mods to see his wrongdoings, and take care of him as quick as possible. (quick reports section). You could also post some screenshots to here as well, if that makes you more comfortable.


    This always a bit of a problem it seems. I try to note it in the chat in-game just so people know. I usually get a little scruff but nothing I'm worried about. As jojowildson noted, it is always best to have some sort of proof though I'm sure the staff can review different things as the situation warrants.


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    Junior Mod
    Screenshots on either work, discord will get a response faster but this is checked daily, even if it is when im getting ready to go for the night :ninja: