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    Nie udało SIĘ zalogować: Nieprawidłowy żeton A jeszcze wcześniej miałem że muszę zresetować grę i launchera i dalej było to samo i teraz to się pokazało


    Chat Moderator
    Failed TO log in: invalid token and even before I had to reset the game and launcher and then it was the same and now it has shown. I believe that, what has been said. If you haven't already, try restarting your game. If you have tried this option, check what version of Minecraft, you are running. You are able to join the server on 1.13.2 and above. If you, have not tried this option, and are unaware of how to change your game launcher, here is a step by step tutorial:

    Ok here is your tutorial:
    When you first load into Minecraft, you will see this screen:

    After you see that screen, go to the top, and click on the Installation option. Once you click that you should see, a option that says "new"

    Click on the "new" icon, and you will see this, appear on your screen.

    Next go to "Version" and scroll down to the version you wish to play on.

    Then click create, and you have created your installation. You could also give it a name, where it says "unnamed installation".

    After you are satisfied with, your version, and the name, click create, and click the play button to go back to the home screen. Then where it says your current version In the bottom left click the arrow, and click the new version you just created. Then you should be all set.

    (Screenshots 2 and 3 are swapped)

    If you have already tried to, and have succeded in changing your game launcher, try talking to a staff member and i'm sure they could assist you, and help you with your problems. I hope these, suggestions were helpful.

    Hope this Helps :D