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  • Possible change to store on Blue?



    So some of the things that come from voting and are available only to buy on Blue should be reworked a little. I think if the store was updated so that some of the "less than useful" items on Blue were able to be sold, even for small amounts, it would help eliminate the complaints.

    Example 1: name tags are worthless on blue but are in the store as "buy only" for $1000. If they could be sold to the shop for say $100, that may be nice and really should not be able to be purchased.

    Example 2: voting reward of horseman gear kit. As a voting reward it is completely useless since it has no use on Blue nor can be sold.

    All horse armor, saddles, name tags, possibly music discs and maybe spawn eggs ($5 each or something low) would all be nice to be able to sell at the shop. Again, not looking for some outrageous values, just something to rid them from my chests and make obtaining them from drops, chests or voting a little more acceptable.

    Thanks for your consideration on this...


    Since some of the other low probability ie play head (10k) or wither skulls (30k after you kill wither) maybe it could be something useful in that price range like Elytra which usually sell for like 15-20k.


    I think there are a couple different things here. Changing vote rewards, store or both.

    First from the store side it can simply be corrected by making them something that can be sold rather than purchased for Blue. I think this is really the easiest change as any other changes create more impacts to the economy and configurations. Selling Elytra, Shulker shells or Wither Skulls for would have to be high priced or I worry about how it impacts normal economy prices.

    If changing vote rewards I would go for something that is useful to the world builds but not obtrusive. Enchant books are not a bad idea but they are obtainable in the store after a little work.
    - Maybe a single coin reward would be a good one.
    - Harder to obtain blocks, especially on blue like 4 emerald blocks, 16 brick blocks, so people could decorate with them.
    - Maybe a rare fly voucher, chaos crate key and/or crowbar in the voting rewards, very low percentage. Especially if the fly voucher could be sold.

    Thanks for allowing us to input on this...