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  • Purple Levels 76-100 Requirements


    Level 76-100 Requirements
    This post is a continuation of the post for the level 1-75 requirements on Purple. I will update this post with additional level requirements as they are made known to me. I have also added some new leveling tips based on my own experience. Good luck on leveling at Aspiria!

    [ Level 76 ]
    ✧ Unarmed level of 750
    ✧ Sword level of 750
    ✧ Fishing level of 250
    ✧ Mine 2500 Calcite
    ✧ Mine 5000 Obsidian
    ✦ 10 Coins

    [ Level 77 ]
    ✧ Place 500 Warped Fungus
    ✧ Taming level of 500
    ✧ Acrobatics level of 1250
    ✧ Craft 250 Netherite Ingots
    ✧ Eat 250 Golden Carrots
    ✦ 10 Coins

    [ Level 78 ]
    ✧ Fire 5000 arrows
    ✧ Kill 100 Players
    ✧ Clean 100 banners
    ✧ Mine 2500 Tuff
    ✧ Craft 50 conduits
    ✦ 10 Coins

    [ Level 79 ]
    ✧ Excavation level of 1250
    ✧ Harvest 150 Blue Orchids
    ✧ Mine 5000 Calcite
    ✧ Travel 125000 meters by pig
    ✧ Kill 3000 passive animals
    ✦ 10 Coins

    [ Level 80 ]
    ✧ MCMMO power level of 15000
    ✧ Alchemy level of 750
    ✧ Pot 250 Plants
    ✧ Mine 150 Pointed Dripstone
    ✧ Catch 500 Fish
    ✦ 10 Coins

    [ Level 81 ]
    ✧ Herbalism level of 1000
    ✧ Fishing level of 500
    ✧ Clean 100 armor pieces
    ✧ Mine 2500 Copper Ore
    ✧ Hold a NETHERITE_BLOCK when leveling up
    ✦ 10 Coins

    [ Level 82 ]
    ✧ Axes level of 750
    ✧ Craft 250 Anvils
    ✧ Craft 250 Lightning Rods
    ✧ Travel 15000 meters by boat
    ✧ Mine 1000 Sponge
    ✧ Mine 3000 Magma
    ✦ 10 Coins

    [ Level 83 ]
    ✧ Repair level of 750
    ✧ Break 15 Diamond Pickaxe
    ✧ Kill 250 Bats
    ✧ Kill 200 Players
    ✧ Mine 1000 Flowering Azalea Leaves
    ✧ Enchant 350 Items
    ✦ 10 Coins

    Leveling Tips

    [ General Tips ]
    ✧ You can work on a requirement for any level at any time. This is especially recommended when waiting for a play time requirement for your next level to accrue.
    ✧ Use the Minecraft Statistics button to see your progress for specific requirements, such as distance traveled, mobs killed, and blocks mined.
    ✧ Use the resource worlds (/warp rsurvive, /warp rnether, /warp rend) for destructive leveling requirements--such as mining, collecting, and killing--as they are regenerated each month.
    ✧ If you can't see the entire level requirements pop-up area, temporarily reduce the Options... -> Video Settings... -> GUI Scale value in your Minecraft client.

    [Movement ]
    ✧ The ability to fly is enormously useful for leveling (pro tip: buy Legend).
    ✧ Use beacons for boosts when a requirement can benefit from it (such as speed boost while walking/sneaking/sprinting).
    ✧ To save your pinky finger, use Toggle rather than Hold for the Sneak and Sprint options.

    [ Eating & Hunger ]
    ✧ Always be eating food that satisfies a leveling requirement.
    ✧ Sprinting and taking damage causes you to get hungrier more quickly.
    ✧ Grind to Alchemy 350 to make potions of Hunger.
    ✧ If you grind Repair while standing on a Magma block and wearing diamond armor you will eat a lot of food and quickly.
    ✧ Some requirement items may be easier to buy from the server shop than to make or find. Examples include cake, eggs, pumpkin pie, poisonous potatoes, and mushroom stew.

    [ Mining & Collecting]
    ✧ Mine every emerald and ancient debris you come across because they are difficult to find when you need them.
    ✧ Placing a block will decrement of the mining counter for the same type of block.
    ✧ Start collecting rare requirements items when you find them, as you will eventually need them for a level. Suggestions include Mycelium, sponge, Fern, Allium, Cobwebs, Poisonous Potatoes, Nautilus shells, Heart of the Sea, and Wither Skeleton skulls.
    ✧ You can find sponge in Common and Uncommon treasure chests.
    ✧ Find Allium in Flower Forrest and some Meadows and Blue Orchids in Swamps.

    [Planting & Harvesting]
    ✧ Disable /pickup to accrue Herbalism from harvesting Bamboo and Sugar Cane.
    ✧ You can grow your own Mycelium from a single block.
    ✧ Only the kelp flower at the top of the plant is counted towards harvesting kelp.
    ✧ Placing kelp will decrement of the kelp harvested counter.
    ✧ You can grind Plants Potted using a single plant and pot and a lot of right-clicking.

    [ Killing & Dying ]
    ✧ Get all the death requirements completed as soon as possible and while you have very little xp to loose.
    ✧ Locate any grinders that can kill you for leveling purposes (such as the Creeper grinder at /pws mcmmo).
    ✧ PvP is the only way to get player kills. Pay people to die for you if you don't play PvP.
    ✧ Kill every bat and witch you come across. They are difficult to find when you need to kill them.
    ✧ Use F3+B to see the hitboxes on mobs. (pro tip: Very, very useful for battling the Ender Dragon.)

    ✧ Plan ahead for how you will earn millions of $$$ for your bank balance you will need for levels 57 and 74.
    ✧ Vote early, vote often, and vote party! Selling keys and crates is a great way to make money.
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