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    Well, since Survival blue doesn't have Op/reinfoced gear, I can only assume you are talking about items that are simply difficult to get So I will split my list into sections of hard to get and essentially illegal to have:
    Hard to get:
    Elytra- 30-75k
    Thorns III- 30-45
    Max sword: 50k
    Max gear: 35-50k
    Essentially illegal:
    Barrier: 1.5 mil
    Bedrock: 2 mil
    Void block: Very expensive
    Just gonna expand on that and also in to money items that are easier to get.

    To add to the rare list:
    Shulker Shells/Boxes 10/20k
    Beacons 30-40k
    Emerald Ore is likely pretty rare too but no idea on value.

    Thinking of best to sell at /warp marketplace:
    bones/bone blocks
    all prismarine variants
    sea lanterns/glowstone
    quartz blocks
    netherwart blocks

    Easy to make money off of stuff:
    wood logs
    cocoa beans