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    Good evening!

    A mod a few days ago took down names of those who are still unable to use /level (/l and /levelup). I was wondering when that would be updated? I understand it's been an on-going issue.

    Also- do spawns ignore light levels on the server? I've lit up my friend and my (I am the claimer) area with glowstone (torches before) and mobs will still spawn when I go from one side of the claim to the other, or sometimes not even that far. I saw there was a way to toggle if mobs can spawn in the claim, and I made sure that was off, but they still spawn. I've noticed that hostile mobs spawn in enormous groups, so I had hoped lots of light would keep them at bay, haha.

    Thank you for any answers! I appreciate it. My friend and I have had a lot of fun on the server.


    Junior Mod
    Junior Mod

    So, we take down names and then fix them in-game, and we do our best to get to everyone. At this time, the only way to fix the issue is having a moderator (Sr.Mod+) run a certain command to let you access your /l abilities. Also, there's no list as too those players, but we fix them when we see them. Feel free to drop your username on this post if you're having issues, and I will let a moderator know to assist you in the matter.

    When you initially disable mob spawns in your claim, the mobs there previously do not disappear. The claim flag stops mobs from spawning, from when the flag was issued, not before. That could be the issue, or mobs are spawning close to your claim and wandering into the area.

    I'm glad you, and I hope you and your friend continue to enjoying Aspiria. Have a nice day!

    Ah, I don't know if caps matter, but it's actually maddmollyy (all lowercase), but MoombaStation does have the correct caps