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  • Riverdance the Show - We need dancers!

    Hello, we will be preforming a show known as Riverdance in Minecraft!. The original Riverdance is an Irish dance show preformed in the Point Theatre in Dublin Ireland. We have recreated it and plan to do a performance here in Minecraft!

    We are currently looking for cooperative people that are willing to perform in this wonderful show and we will need at least 6 more people (We have 3 out of 6 performers + our 2 main performers currently). The skills required are just cooperation and listening to the choreographers (me and my brother). You do not need to know how to "dance" in minecraft, you will just need to be able to walk and jump in certain patterns and in sync with the other dancers. If you are interested, please reply below! We must have at least 6 or we will not be able to do the performance :(

    Thankyou and we hope to see you there! ;)

    Here is a screenshot of our theatre:

    Here is an example video of what the real life show looks like: