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  • Unsolved Server Fired Me From Job/Deleted Items

    After the server had reset a few minutes, the server seemed to had fired me and one of my other teammates "DyingPickles" from our group Company, "Shrew Inc." A lot of money worth of items were lost when the server had seemed to just fire me without my, or the owner of the Companie's "_Nyami_" knowing it had happened before it was too late, the items were already gone after I had been rehired to the company, I hope something can be done about the multiple Totem's of Undying, Elytras, Shulker Boxes, and more


    P.S - I'm 100% sure I was not fired from the Company, because I was in the company before the server reset, and I was also in a discord call with the group owner so he would have at least told me before he would have fired me.