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  • Solved Server shutting down and losed important stuff

    Anyone else noticed the enormous lag and then server kicking all of us out several times

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    Hi!, i was playing today on your server and suddenly it started lagging way to much, and i was being hit by a zombie (invisible because of the lag) and then afeter trying to get my inventory back the server kicked all of us out, and I tried joining several times with no succes, i had important things in my inventory, (OP trident, Enchanted sword, 8 stacks of white concrete, shovel, diamond picaxe, and food, among other stuff)
    I would like get my stuff back


    Iron Member
    We know the issue and it is not with "Aspiria" persay. The data center that houses our server is having network issues. We are hoping to be back online soon but it is out of our hands.