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    A handy little post for every of the skyblock Custom Enchants labeled into types(Armour/Weapon/Tool), sorted into ABC order, has the enchant explanation AND the maximum level of the enchant.

    Custom EnchantArmour typeMax LevelDescription
    AngelicAll ArmourIIIHeals health overtime when damaged.
    Anti GravityBootsIIISuper Jump.
    AquaticHelmetIGives permanent water breathing.
    ArmoredAll ArmourIIIDecreases damage from enemy swords by 1.85% per level.
    Arrow DeflectAll ArmourIIPrevents you from being damaged by enemy arrows more often than once every level x 400 milliseconds.
    CactusAll ArmourIIInjures your attacker but does not affect your durability.
    ClarityAll ArmourIIIImmune to Blindness.
    Creeper ArmorAll ArmourIIIImmune to explosive damage, at higher levels you take no knockback from them and they have a chance to heal you.
    CurseChestplateVGives strength, slowness and resistance at low HP.
    DeathbringerAll ArmourIIIChance to deal double damage.
    Death GodHelmetIIIAttacks that bring your HP to (level+4) hearts or lower have a chance to heal you for (level +5) hearts instead.
    Death PactAll ArmourIIITake less damage for every 10% of missing HP while also dealing slightly less damage (based on level).
    DiminishChestplateIVWhen this effect procs, the next attack dealt to you cannot deal more than the (total amount of damage you took/2) you took from the previous attack.
    DodgeAll ArmourIIIChance to dodge physical enemy attacks, increased chance if sneaking.
    DrunkHelmetIVSlowness and slow swinging with a chance to get strength.
    EnderShiftHelmet + BootsIIIGives speed/health boost at low HP.
    Ender WalkerBootsIVWither and Poison do not injure and have a chance to heal at high levels.
    EnlightenedAll ArmourIIICan heal hearts while taking damage.
    ExterminatorLeggingsIIITemporarily disables enemy ability to use Undead Ruse, Guardians and Spirits.
    FrozenAll ArmourIIICan cause slowness to attacker when defending.
    GearsBootsIIIAdded speed when equipped.
    GlowingHelmetIGives permanent night vision.
    GuardiansAll ArmourVA chance to spawn Iron Golems to assist you and watch over you.
    HardenedAll ArmourIIIArmor takes less durability damage.
    Heavy (YATATATTATATATATA)All ArmourVDecreases damage from enemy bows by 2% per level.
    ImplantsHelmetsIIIPassively heals +1 health and restores +1 hunger every few seconds.
    Jelly LegsBootsIIIChance to negate fall damage.
    LeadershipHelmetVThe more allies near you the more damage you deal.
    MetaphysicalBootsIIIA chance to be immune to Slowness. At max level the chance is 75%.
    MoltenAll ArmourIVChance of setting your attacker ablaze.
    Obsidianshield (tbh just obsidian skull from terraria)All ArmourIGives permanent fire resistance.
    OverloadAll ArmourIIIPermanent increase in hearts.
    Plague CarrierLeggingsIVWhen near death summons creepers and debuffs to avenge you.
    PoisonedAll ArmourIVChance to give poison to your attacker.
    PoltergeistBootsIIIImmune to Nature's Wrath snare. Also negates all fall damage.
    Ragdoll (*Insert Gmod Ragdoll flying through the air here*)All ArmourIVWhenever you take damage you are pushed far back.
    Rocket EscapeBootsIIIBlast off into the air at low HP.
    ShockwaveChestplateIIIA chance to push back your attacker when your health is low.
    ShuffleAll ArmourIIIShuffles your opponents hotbar.
    Smoke BombHelmetIVWhen you are near death, you will spawn a smoke bomb to distract your enemies.
    SpiritsAll ArmourVChance to spawn blazes that heal yourself and your allied in combat.
    SpringsBootsIIIGives jump boost.
    TankAll ArmourIVDecreases damage from enemy axes by 1.85% per level.
    TricksterAll ArmourIIIWhen hit you have a chance to teleport directly behind your opponent and take them by surprise.
    Undead RuseBootsIVWhen hit you have a chance to spawn zombie hordes to distract and disorient your opponents.
    ValorAll ArmourIVReduces incoming damage while wielding a sword by up to 22.5%
    VoodooAll ArmourIVGives a chance to deal weakness.

    Custom EnchantWeapon typeMax LevelDescription
    Arrow LifestealBowsVChance to steal health from your opponent.
    AssassinSwordsVThe closer you are to your enemy the more damage you deal, the further you are the less you deal.
    BlindSwordsIIIA chance of causing blindness when attacking.
    BlockSwordsIIIA chance to redirect an attack.
    DemonforgedSwordsIVIncreases durability loss on your enemy's armor.
    DisarmorSwordsVA slight chance of removing one piece of armor from your enemy when they are at low health.
    DisintegrateSwordsIIIChance to deal double durability damage to all enemy armor with every attack.
    DominateSwordsIVChance to weaken enemy players on hit, causing them to deal less damage.
    Double StrikeSwordsIIIA chance to strike twice.
    Eagle EyeBowIVChance to deal 1-4 durability damage to ALL armor pieces of enemy player.
    EnrageSwordsIIIDeal more damage on low HP.
    EpicnessSwordsIIIGives particles and sound effects.
    ExecuteSwordsIVDamage buff when your target is at low HP.
    ExplosiveBowsVExplosive arrows. (go KABOOM!)
    FarcastBowsIVChance to knockback melee attackers by a couple blocks when they hit you.
    The lower your health, the higher the chance.
    FeatherweightSwordsIIIA chance to give a burst of haste.
    GreatswordSwordsIVMultiplies damage against players who are wielding a BOW at the time they are hit.
    HellfireBowsIIIAll arrows shot by you turn into explosive fireballs.
    HijackBowsIVChance to convert summoned enemy Guardians into your own when they are shot with an arrow.
    Ice AspectSwordsIIIA chance of causing the slowness effect on your enemy.
    InfernalBowIIIExplosive fire effect.
    InquisitiveSwordsIIIIncreases EXP drops from mobs.
    InsomniaSwordsIVGives slowness, slow swinging and confusion.
    InversionSwordsIIIDamage dealt to you has a chance to be blocked and heal you for 1-5 HP.
    LifestealSwordsIIIA chance to regain health when attacking.
    LightningBowsIIIA chance to strike lightning at the opponent.
    LongbowBowsIVGreatly increases damage dealt to enemy players that have a bow in their hands.
    ObliterateSwordsIIIExtreme Knockback. (YEET!)
    PacifyBowsIVA chance to pacify your target, preventing them from building up rage stacks for 1-3 seconds depending on level.
    ParalyzeSwordsIVGives lightning effect and a chance for slowness and slow swinging.
    PiercingBowsIIIInflicts more damage.
    PoisonAny WeaponIIIA chance of giving poison effect.
    RageSwordsIIIFor every combo hit you land you do 0.5 heart damage to your opponent.
    Up to a max of 5 combo hits.
    ShackleSwordsIIIPrevents mobs from suffering from knockback from your attacks.
    SilenceSwordsIIChance to stop activation of your enemy's custom enchants.
    Skill SwipeSwordsIIIA chance to steal some of your enemy's EXP every time you damage them. (yoink)
    SnareBowsIIIChance to slow and fatigue enemies with projectiles.
    SniperBowsIIIHeadshots with projectile deal up to 3.5x damage.
    Thundering blowSwordsIIICan cause smite effect on your enemy.
    TrapSwordsIIIChance to give buffed slowness effect.
    UnfocusBowsVChance to Unfocus target player, reducing their out going bow damage by 50% for up to 10 seconds.
    VampireSwordsIIIA chance to heal you for up to 3hp a few seconds after you strike.
    VenomBowsIIIA chance of dealing poison.
    VirusBowsIVMultiplies all Wither and Poison damage the affected target recieves and has a chance to remove regeneration effects on hit.

    Custom EnchantTool typeMax LevelDescription
    Arrow BreakAxesIIIChance for arrows to bounce off and do no damage when you hold an axe with this enchantment.
    Auto SmeltPickaxesIOres are automatically smelted when mined.
    BarbarianAxesIVInflicts more axe damage.
    BerserkAxesVA chance of strength and mining fatigue.
    BlacksmithAxesIVChance to heal your most damage piece of armor by 1-2 durability whenever you hit a player, but when it activates that attack only deals half it's damage.
    BleedAxesIVApplies bleed stacks to enemies that decrease their movement speed.
    BlessedAxesIVA chance of removing debuffs.
    ConfusionAxesIIIA chance to deal nausea to your victim.
    CorruptAxesIVDamage with niche, this enchant deals damage over time.
    DevourAxesIIIMultiplies damage dealt to players with active bleed stacks.
    ExperienceToolsVChance to get experience from mining.
    HasteToolsIIIAllows you to swing your tools faster.
    InsanityAxesIVYou swing your axe like a maniac.
    Multiplies damage against sword wielding players.
    OxygenatePickaxesIRefills oxygen levels when breaking blocks under water.
    PummelAxesIIIChance to slow nearby enemy players for a short period.
    RavenousAxesIVChance to regain hunger whilst in combat.
    RestoreToolsIVUpon breaking, item has a chance to lose this enchantment and repair half of its durability.
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