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    Welcome to Survival Blue!
    Our new survival server, with a reworked leveling system, improved coin shop, and new economy. Released this past Friday!

    What is Survival Blue?
    Survival Blue is a second survival server that you can choose to play on, it has a few changes to the original survival server that has now been renamed to Survival Red.

    What is the difference between Survival Blue and Survival Red?
    • The leveling system is completely reworked. Levels are easier to achieve and you win coins for leveling.
    • The coin shop is different and you receive more coins during play.
    • The economy is reworked and there are no companies. Instead, create your own shop at /warp marketplace
    • Mobs are more frequent but despawn every 10 minutes.
    • You can't create mega farms (3x3x3 chunks is the size limit).
    • You cannot claim in the nether or end.
    • World Border: 15,000x15,000 (square), Nether and End are 10,000x10,000

    What about Skyblock?
    Don't worry you skyblock players, we haven't forgotten about you! In the next weeks we'll be adding new content for you! For now, enjoy the new chest shops, a tutorial for creating them is available at spawn!

    Staff Changes
    Alex_The_Hermit --> Moderator (returned)
    CactiOP --> Junior Mod (returned)
    Corrosive --> Helper (new)

    We hope to have a fantastic Summer together, thank you all for being a part of Aspiria!
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