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  • The Floral Problem...

    So if you are a STAFF reading this you probably know about the Florals. A group of girls, probably teenagers, that all have the same username beginning and then their names. Here are a few:
    FloralConnie FloralAmana. Floral- anything is what their names are. Anyway...

    They settled down to build their town in a valley. There were 3 houses, FloralAmanda was the mayor of this "Floral Village" and so when she only had THREE SMALL HOUSES in a little cluster she called this her "Floral Village". One of the florals, FloralAmanda I think, invited Sky_Wolverine to come and live with them in the village. Sky asked if she could bring a friend. The florals said yes. That friend was me...
    We soon discovered that the rules of this small town were too strict. Some rules included:
    No Horses-No owning our own farm-no mining-and NO WOLVES. That last one kind of pulled the string for me but the others were bad too.
    We decided to split.
    We left the small house they built us and moved a little more down in the valley, there we built one house. Soon, we had our own town. SkyBear Village we called it! Soon someone moved in next door, to live in our town! Her name was Iluvart96 and she was and still is very nice! Then came Art's Rental Homes which brought another person, Fabes00, Fabes still lives in the village still nicely paying his rent and being friendly! We had a happy village- until yesterday...

    The Florals finally came back online. First thing they did was kill all the animals in my village for no reason, then when I came on at about 3:00 Art was having a PvP match with somebody named FloralAmber I think. The florals started complaining about that they were the mayors
    and I was nothing!
    Then sky came online! We had a big argument over who should be the mayor until I finally realized. They were the Mayors. Of Floral Village. Me and Sky and now Art were the mayors of SkyBear village!
    Soon Sky said she was crying in real life and then started being all mean! Finally the florals decided to try and make us leave! SkyBear village was over! JArt Village has begun! The wars between us had come again this morning and that was the last straw! They briefed us and killed us repeatedly and want us to leave the town that we have spent a month working to build for like 3 hours each day! Should I leave or hould they?


    When I was on earlier with you, you never mentioned the griefing or animal killing (unless it happened since then). If I see you in-game I will mention it to you, or perhaps if you see another Mod in-game, you can message them; but if they did any of that griefing/killing stuff, punitive action can be taken.

    We can't really do anything about them saying "This is my town, my rules", but since they don't have that land claimed, I would just tell them to buzz off.


    Jbear, this is a really cool adventure... I wrote a book about this, ill give you a free copy when i see you in game!

    Florals are territorial, they will never leave. Neither should you, build reinforcements, walls, towers. Fight them off, its your land!
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    I've taken a break for two weeks so I don't know the situation.

    I agree with Ncore about the whole "broke the town rules" thing, but in my eyes (and I could be wrong) you were invited to live with them and left due to an arguement and then started causing trouble... I think this can be resolved between you guys but I'll step in if need be.