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    First and foremost, I am filing a complaint about Hexamous
    A few minutes ago I, SirFlamma, was banned for an hour without warning.
    The ban itself, I am not worried about, but the ban was unjust. I'll start from the beginning, Story time!

    Long ago, half a year or so. I made a machine. This machine allowed to me shovel lots of snow with a golem. This snow all went to these hoppers which went to chests which went to droppers. This allowed to me mine lots of snow and later have the snow been thrown at me while I sell the snow, easy money.
    Today I randomly hopped on the server again and told Hex about it because it was border line exploiting. He said "Don't AFK this bad boy" (not his words) so I didn't. He also said "As long as you dont AFK, this ain't no exploiting my man" (again, dont quote me on this). So later I told someone else who might like it, even specificly told that man (or woman, who am I to asume his gender) not to afk on this bad boy if he were to use it. He was like "Aight, I'm not kool enough for this ingenius invention, so I'm not gunna use it" (exact quote of this unknown organism).
    Then this Hexa dude, who I thought was all kool about it, straight up banned me for an hour!
    This is what the ban said:

    Banned on: 2017-11-04
    Banned by: Hexa-not-so-kool-after-all-dude
    Reason: encouraging server destruction and afk/rule-breaking

    Encouraging server destruction? He makes it sound like I wanna nuke this bitch. and afk/rule-breaking? I'dd like to see some evidence for that afk-ing my good sir.

    So, I'm still on the server with my other account (Intriguing is his IGN, if you wanna ban this bad ass too). and I ask "what did I do?". He tells me to drop it! I can't even ask what rule I really broke and where the evidence is! Kinda silly in my opinion, so I ask him again and he straight up mutes me for half an hour.
    First of all, if you are going to ban me, at least ban my second account too, it's just silly to ban only one account.
    Second, what the ****? you can just ban someone for no reason, tell them to drop it and mute them if they don't. Where did you even find this guy?

    Short summary and my opinion:
    Give Mr Hexamous a good spanking or so, unban me and give me a poppy or two as a sweat sorry and eeh, change your snowball prices cos this was really easy money. I got half a mil in the first day or two of playing on the server I think.


    I think your post is very disrespectful, I was banning you for an hour because i told you not to show other people a way to afk and exploit the system. Everyone knows that the AFK kicker is broken as of right now, and you did not follow directions. My banning was not unjust, as you did not follow directions and then refused to drop it and continue to argue with me. I suggest you go post something on the unban page.
    [DOUBLEPOST=1509846179,1509845764][/DOUBLEPOST]As for your alt, i could not care less. Just don't break any rules on it.
    Edit: please explain to me any misunderstandings and i will re-evaluate this.
    I disagree! Unbanning is not my biggest concern! besides, I told the man not to afk it because that was not allowed. Either way you should have told me that or removed (reported, claimed) the structure in that case. And it was not meant disrespectful. "Everyone knows" is a very strange thing to say, for I did NOT know, since I "randomly hopped on the server again" as I stated in the previous post.


    (misunderstandings solved on server private chat, unbanned)