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    I was looking around the forums and I didn't know you wrote a story about our adventure together... A long time has passed my good friend, has it? I can remember when we used to play at my house as if we were siblings, and now you treat me like a stranger. Time sure has aged you, until you can recover your memories, I'll be glad to return back to america.

    It saddens me you didn't even recognize me when I first got on the server, I even tried to grab your attention but dear friend, take your time to remember everything.
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    Fate, you are breaking my heart (and brain) but one thing i would like to ask... You guys know each other irl? Wow. That's makes lots of things akward XD
    [DOUBLEPOST=1467498057,1467498008][/DOUBLEPOST]Still moved though XD Also, I've seen tama on too. Or is that a different tama?
    I was reading this whole thing, who is he and what happened to her?

    Did she die? Is she a legend?