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    Hi there, I'm Zachariah, but you can just call me Zach (the goofy depressed music-loving dork) and I'm here to share my writing with all of you. Writing is the way I open my mind and heart to the world. I truly enjoy it, it's something that makes me feel alive. Most of my writing is very depressing and might cause some of you to cry, depends on how emotionally weak you are. Sometimes my own writing makes me cry. I can admit I'm weak, I always have been.

    The writer's spirit never sleeps, I'm always thinking of new crazy stories.
    Feel free to read my stuff and tell me what you think, I'd love to hear. Thank you

    Enjoy <3
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    | Fall In Line |

    Who am I?
    What am I?

    Fall in line!

    Am I human?
    Or animal

    Fall in line!

    What's my purpose?
    My reason

    Fall in line!

    Can you see me?
    Because I can't see you

    Fall in line!

    My existence was sold to the system the day I was born.
    I'm nothing more than a mindless pawn, a dog on a chain.

    I must fall in line.
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    | Meant To Be |

    We were meant to be
    It was written in history
    Stronger than gravity
    You are my heart's key
    Soul mates I agree
    Together we are free
    Life is now easy
    Only you and me
    A beautiful she
    A wonderful he
    This love is our destiny

    For all eternity
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    | Something Better |

    Like the wind in the trees
    It bends with the breeze
    Like the comfort of the sunlight
    It keeps us so far from night
    Like the fresh air
    It feels so fair
    Like the beauty of this weather
    It will always bring something better

    Like the stars in the sky
    It brings me to cry
    Like the light from the full moon
    It will bring a different story soon
    Like the peaceful life of the firefly
    It makes me want to never say bye
    Like the silence of this weather

    It will always bring something better
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    | Where I'm From |

    I'm from an infinite void,
    from purgatory to no return
    I'm from a ghost's life
    I can't be seen, but I feel the pain
    I'm from a faraway place

    Far from everything, even you
    I'm from a dead man's resurrection
    I'm back to life, but with no face
    I'm from the battlefield
    Running and hiding from myself

    I'm from the place inside my head
    Very alive, but sadly dead
    I'm from a silent forest
    This Robin Hood won't help you
    I'm from a world without words

    Anti-Social or maybe I'm just shy
    I'm from that same endless nightmare
    Waking up is when it all starts
    I'm from a family of seven

    Only here is where I'm happy
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    | She Has |

    She has beautiful diamond eyes
    Sharp enough to cut through the sky
    She has an amazing voice
    That could put you to sleep
    She has a goddess's body
    A rare thing indeed
    She has a twisted smile
    So why don't you stay awhile
    She has a strong independent will
    Just impossible to kill
    She has a peaceful lifestyle
    What appears to be simple
    She has a desire
    A burning lust that feeds the fire
    She has sins
    Right within the skin
    She has nothing

    Nothing at all
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    | Depression |

    S Is for take the SOUL from my body
    U Is for me leaving this UNIVERSE
    I Is for this INJURED heart
    C Is for the tears I CRY
    I Is for my IMAGINATION of death
    D Is for DON'T look back
    E Is for throwing EVERYTHING away

    W Is for I am tired of WAITING
    I Is for the INFINITE pain I am in
    L Is for how LOST I truly am
    L Is for finally LETTING go

    F Is for me forever FALLING
    R Is for can I REALLY accept death
    E Is for these EMOTIONS I'm feeling
    E Is for what will my END be like

    M Is for the MORE I think about it
    E Is for EVERYONE telling me not to
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    | Angel For One |

    Angel for one
    One lonely man
    All that I've done
    All that I can
    I'll do it again
    So you'll understand
    Angel for one

    One lonely man
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    | Drink The Soul |

    We have no real purpose
    We have no real reason
    We have no true desire
    We have no true need
    We have no view of Heaven
    We have no view of Heck
    We have no time to leave
    We have no time to stay
    We know we can't feed it
    We know we can't save it
    So go and lose all control
    So go and never pay the toll
    Let's drink the mind
    Let's drink the soul
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    | I Want To Be |

    I want to be nice, I want to be peaceful.
    I want to be kind, I want to be gentle.
    I want to be caring, I want to be good.
    I want to be free, I want to be happy.
    I want to be there, I want to be here.
    I want to be with you.
    I want to be...

    But the world won't let me.
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    | What I Wanted |

    What I wanted
    She didn't want
    What I did
    She didn't like
    I showed love
    She was confused
    I was nice
    She didn't care

    What she wanted
    I did happily
    She wanted peace
    I did everything
    She was quiet
    Talk to me
    She had feelings
    But didn't share

    What we wanted
    Was nothing alike
    She wasn't happy
    I was happy
    She was sad
    I wasn't sad
    She wasn't sure
    I sure was

    What I wanted
    Was her time
    Was her hands
    Was her lips
    Was her warmth
    Was her feelings
    Was her love
    Was her heart
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    | My Wish |

    My wish, I wish...
    I wish I was happy
    Happy like them
    Happy like her
    Happy like him
    I wish I was happy
    I want to be happy

    That is my wish
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    | The Way Out |

    My body was there but I wasn't, I was elsewhere. Far from reality, no longer apart of humanity, I was face to face with insanity.

    Please kill me.

    The abyss of oblivion is calling me, It wants me to see there's another way out, but there can't be. Unless I set my soul free, free from this body that is holding me.

    Now I see.

    This is my escape, this is my way out. I hate what I have become, a man full of doubt. No one will never help me, no matter how loud I shout.

    Let me out!
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    | My Storm |

    On the outskirts of a small run-down town, there was a massive storm. It was following a boy, everywhere he went, the storm would follow and destroy. This storm has been following this boy for years, he can't seem to escape its destructive power. If he showed any signs of sadness, the storm only got worse. The only thing he could do was stay emotionless and move forward.

    The boy enters the small town, it's completely empty. This makes the boy a little happy, he didn't want anyone to get hurt. It didn't take long till he came across a small house that he can get some rest in. This house wasn't like the others, nothing was broken and the inside was nicely furnished. The boy kinda felt bad, this beautiful house will be destroyed because of him. He looked out the window, the storm hasn't entered the town yet. Nothing else to do but to get some sleep. The boy lays on the ground and falls asleep.

    The next morning, he wakes to see the town wasn't completely destroyed. He gets up off the ground and runs towards the window. The storm didn't move, "What are you looking at?" The boy turned around to see who said that. It was a girl, so beautiful in every way. His heart dropped, a warm feeling covered his body. "You were looking at the storm, weren't you?" She placed her hand on his chest. The boy's heart was beating violently fast, she smiled. "That storm won't bother you anymore." She hugged him.

    A beautiful she, a wonderful he. The storm had vanished ever since he found this girl. His life was so full of grace, meaning, peace, happiness, and purpose, all because of this one girl. They rebuilt the town together, they laughed and cried together, they did it all together. Nothing compared to the company of this girl, he never wanted to leave her side.

    Nighttime had arrived. They spent the whole night staring at the stars. "Look at the moon." She said. It was the first time the boy had ever seen the moon, and it was in the shape of a heart. She laid her head on his shoulder, the beautiful night sky made her tired. "You're my world." He whispered in her ear. His eyes slowly got heavy, sleep was now.

    The boy woke to the loud sound of thunder. He was soaking wet from the rain. The town was gone, the girl was gone, the storm was back. His heart stopped beating, nothing was left of the town nor the boy. He started crying, the storm was raging. "This is my storm... I'll never escape it."

    The storm continues to rage on.
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    | Pieces of Hearts |

    So many pieces of hearts
    It's about time we search this land
    Bring back all the parts
    Right back in your own hand
    Right back to where it all starts

    Too many pieces of hearts
    It will take years searching this land
    Someone help me find my parts
    Please put them back in my hand

    Please tell me where it all starts
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    | Without You |

    You hold my ghost,
    my mind, my soul.

    You keep me safe
    with walls of bone.

    If cut; you leak.
    If ripped; you flood.

    So it's my job
    To watch for blood.

    Unless I want
    us both to die.

    Your blood; my fuel
    must stay inside.

    I see
    You feel
    We love
    We heal.

    If you are hurt,
    I'll surely scream.

    If you must rest,
    I'll surely dream.

    Without your help,
    I have no life.

    Without my help,
    you have no mind.

    Before our bond
    There was nothing
    Before our bond
    I was nothing

    A concept; hardly
    Adrift; it seems.
    Resting alone
    Between the seams.

    You somehow,
    in some way
    pulled me out;
    then gave me
    a small place
    to call a home
    and to live in.

    Please, please hold on
    I'll be nothing without you.

    Please, please stay strong

    I'll be nothing without you.
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