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    by Zachariah

    I can see you with me
    Can you see me with you
    My desire is to be with you
    It's all I ever wanted
    Please tell me your desire
    Even if it's hotter than fire
    I could stand beside you
    You can stand beside me
    I can love you
    You can love me


    A Reason
    by Zachariah

    Why this time?
    Why this place?
    No reason?
    No purpose?
    Just to live?
    Just to die?
    Live our lives?
    Roll the dice?
    No answer?
    Okay then.
    Guess I'll make
    A reason.

    Lack of facts.
    Form the packs.
    A legion.
    Rule the world.
    Like a king.
    Rule it all.
    While I sing.
    No answer?
    Okay then.
    Guess I'll make
    A reason.


    The Consequence of Confidence
    by Zachariah

    Someone once told me to stand up for myself.


    Stand up to who?

    Could I stand up to you, to me?
    What about them?
    Should I stand up to her, to him?

    What if I stand up to the ones I love, the ones I hate?

    I'll stand up to the ones that weren't there, the ones that were late.

    If I stand up for myself what will you give, what will you take?
    If I stand up for myself will it make things right or will it be just another mistake?
    If I stand up for myself will it destroy or will it create?

    How could I ever stand up to destiny, to fate?
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    by Zachariah

    I have nothing
    Nothing to say
    Nothing to show for
    Nothing to come home to


    Why am I here?

    What purpose does nothing have?
    What reason does nothing have?
    Why does nothing exist?

    I am empty
    I am nothing


    by Zachariah

    Why must I be so shy
    I wanna talk but I'm always tongue-tied
    Am I a different kind of guy
    You wouldn't understand if I cried
    Oh why must I be so shy

    Sometimes I don't know how to try
    Stop and give me a little time
    Maybe one day I'll be a less shy guy
    My actions to me feel like a crime
    Oh why must I be so shy

    My sight is on the ground or at the sky
    I was too afraid to take your hand
    Now you're the first one to say bye
    I was too afraid to understand

    Oh why must I be so shy


    Among Myself
    by Zachariah

    I wake up on the cold hard floor in a dark room. It's silent until a voice calls out, "Welcome."

    I get up off the floor and try to speak but for some reason, I can't. I'm literally speechless, I'm as silent as this dark room I stand in. I wish I could see what's going on in here? I look upward and suddenly the lights turn on. It's blinding, my eyes immediately react to the bright light and they close. I keep them close so I can reset my vision. That voice calls out again, "Please have a seat."

    Loud and clear but I'm confused because I still can't talk. I slowly open my eyes and see that the room's walls are a very mesmerizing shade of white. I'm a little scared to look around but I do it anyway. The room I'm in is round, no door, there's a creepy old wooden chair in the middle and two large circular holes on the wall, kinda like the room has eyes. I noticed one hole is dripping water, it's crying? There's one thing on my mind at this point, how'd I even get here?

    It continues to speak to me, "I will ask you a few questions once you're seated."

    The floor I'm standing on is unnecessarily cold, I look down at my feet to see that I'm barefooted. The clothes I am wearing are something a hospital patient would have on. This must be a dream, I'm probably at home laying in my bed sound asleep. I analyze the room once again and stop to think, what was I doing last?

    After some thinking, I decided to shrug it off. If this is a dream, what am I so worried about? I guess I'll just do what the voice wants and take a seat. I don't really have any other option, I'm stuck in this room. As I approach the old wooden chair, I can hear a soft whispering sound. It only got louder the closer I got, what should I do? It's frightening, but I'm curious. It's only a dream, I remind myself as I take a seat. The moment my backside touches that chair, a very loud sound strikes both my ears and I instantly cover them. Whatever that was almost gave me a heart attack. Slowly, I move my hands away from my ears, it's silent. "I will now start the questioning." That creepy disembodied voice is still talking to me.

    "Question one, what's my name?

    That's a weird question, how am I suppose to know that? Well, it doesn't matter anyway. I can't answer it because I can't talk.

    "My name is Zack."

    What?! That voice just answered it's own question, and what's weirder... That's when it hits me, that disembodied voice is my voice. Am I talking to myself?

    "Question two, am I happy?

    Yes! Yes, I'm very happy but not right now. I want out of here, out of this room. I try to get up off the chair but my legs won't move. Why can't I move?


    No? I just said yes, I am happy. That voice, my voice got that question wrong. This is insane.

    "Question three, do I need help?

    I don't want to hear the answer to that. These questions are making me feel uneasy, I'm getting lightheaded.

    "Please help me."

    There's a sharp pain in my chest, it feels like I'm being stabbed. Why is this happening to me? I just want to wake up from this nightmare. I want all of this to end.

    "Final question, what am I thinking?"

    Everything goes dark, I slowly sink into an endless black abyss. The room I was in is no more, I'm falling. I can hear laughing, crying, screaming, yelling while I fall into the shadows of my mind. There's a small light in the distance, am I about to wake up, Is the nightmare coming to an end? As I get closer to the light, I can see it's a person.

    "I'm thinking of her."
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    by Zachariah

    I know somewhere inside you
    Your feelings and emotions true
    Why don't you show them
    To my heart, that's a problem
    Unseen and hidden
    Sad and broken

    I'm searching your body for a hint of a heartbeat
    I'm searching your soul for a source of heat
    I'm still searching, searching
    For love

    I can't find what you hide
    Are you dead inside
    I can't do this alone
    Your heart was once my home
    Silent and tease
    Help and please

    I'm searching your mind to know if you care
    I'm searching your eyes to see if we're the perfect pair
    I'm still searching, searching
    For love

    Your love doesn't show
    But I refuse to go
    Let this pass us by
    You can give love a try
    Quiet and unknown
    Depressed and alone

    I'm searching your body for a hint of a heartbeat
    I'm searching your soul for a source of heat
    I'm still searching, searching
    I'm searching your mind to know if you care
    I'm searching your eyes to see if we're the perfect pair
    I'm still searching, searching
    For love


    by Zachariah

    Full of stupidity
    The world around me
    Can you see
    It stands before us all
    The reason we fall
    Our world can't stand tall
    Those who are left behind
    See the world not so kind
    They make it so hard to find
    Reason for my anger
    It's why I suffer
    I don't wanna know what's after
    It blinds the bold
    Makes a fool of the old
    Leaves the world cold
    It breaks the unbreakable
    Stops the unstoppable
    The Devil's greatest tool
    Full of stupidity
    The world around me
    Now you see


    The Gap
    by Zachariah

    "I've been here before, the only thing that ever changes is how deep the fall is and the person on the other side."

    Standing at the edge of a large gap, between me and her. I look down at the hole before me as I tie a worn-out piece of string around my heart.

    "Why do I try?"

    I asked myself. I look and see she's a little closer this time, maybe I can make the throw and she'll be able to catch it. If I miss, I can always pull it back and try again.

    "I love you."

    I hear her say, I feel my heartbeat in my hand. I look at the gap one last time before I make the throw... It misses her hands and falls into the gap. I hold on tight to the string, the weight of my heart almost causes me to fall in. I use all my power to pull it back up so I can try again.

    "I'll wait for you."

    She tells me.

    "I promise you, I promise I'll hold you tight and never let you go."

    I tell her as I pull my heart back up and get ready to throw it again, but before I do, I start to hear crying. Could that be her?

    "Please don't cry."

    Her sadness and pain is so emotionally strong that I can feel it, even with this gap between us. My heart starts beating faster in my hands, I begin to cry.

    "Don't cry."

    She tells me, but I just can't help it. I'm so emotional, I'm so weak, I'm so lost...

    "I promise you I won't give up on you."

    I tell her as I throw my heart across the gap once more. It was another failure... I pull my heart back up and get ready for another throw. This is painful but I won't stop.

    "You pinky promise you won't give up on me?"

    I hear her beautiful innocent voice from across the gap and I tear up.

    "I promise you with all my heart and soul, till the day I die."

    I say as I throw my heart again... She reaches out and it finally makes it. I feel a warm comfort, a feeling like no other.

    "Your heart, it's small but heavy. I love it."

    She holds onto my heart like a pillow, cuddles it and keeps it by her side.
    A couple of days pass and we are both still standing at this gap between us. I can still feel her comfort, it puts a smile on my face.

    "I wish I could hold you and kiss you."

    I hear her say from the other side, I pause and look down at my hands. She only has my heart, my emotions. She doesn't have my hands, my lips, and physical touch. We couldn't truly love each other but we still said it.

    "I love you."

    I say.

    "I love you more. I will always, always, always love you more."

    Always, always, always. Those were our words, they showed how much we loved each other. Our love was strong even with this gap between us. I could wake up happy for the rest of my life knowing she has my heart and my love.


    Distance and time wasn't on my side

    Time passed by. My love for her was still strong, but her love for me... Just wasn't the same anymore. I don't hear her voice as much, I don't even know if she still has my heart in her hands. That comfort has disappeared, gone, vanished.

    I look across the gap to see if she's still standing there, she is. I can't see if my heart is still in her arms, I could pull on the string but that's too risky.

    "I can't do this anymore, this gap between us is tearing us apart. I do still love you. I just need you next to me, I need you to hold me and this gap won't allow that."

    Her voice sours across and strikes me, I fall to the ground. I know what this means, it's over. Here comes the part where she walks away, I just sit there and watch...

    But she didn't walk away, she's still standing there, why? I'm confused, what's going on over there?

    "Please don't walk away."

    I stand up and say as I back away from the gap between us. I can't take this pain I'm putting her through, It's too heavy. I love her way too much for this.

    All I ever wanted was passion and acceptance from another person, someone to call mine. I will run towards her and hope my love gives me enough strength to make it over this gap. I know she's waiting.

    I jump...

    I get close enough to catch a glimpse of her beautiful green eyes... before I fall.

    Her final words to me echo all throughout the gap as I fall for her.

    "I love you."


    by Zachariah

    A story of not "if" but "How"
    We can do anything
    We can do everything
    Our will and our way
    Our mind and our soul
    They all work together
    To pull us towards our goal
    Now tell me how
    How does our will work
    How do we know which way to go
    How does our mind know
    How do we know what a soul is
    So tell me how
    How to do what I must

    Questions like these are endless
    No, these questions aren't hopeless
    Maybe we're all just hopeful
    Hope truly isn't helpful
    One day we will know
    We know that day will come
    Sooner or later
    Maybe later or sooner
    How do I know
    I don't and we all know
    We all don't
    So tell me how
    How it all works

    Twisted but not broken just yet
    Can we twist it more
    How do we know when to stop
    Is it going to break
    How will we fix it
    Maybe let's just stop
    How do we stop
    It's broken now
    How do you know it's broken
    These pieces lie
    These people lie
    These walls lie
    These words lie
    So tell me how
    How to tell the truth

    Don't tell me I'm wrong
    Because you don't know either
    Don't tell him he's dying
    Because he could live
    Don't tell her she's ugly
    Because you're not her
    Don't you know how
    I'm sorry
    This is how I forget
    This is how I forgive
    This isn't right
    Maybe there's nothing left for me
    How do I get home
    Is this the way
    Will you show me
    How to be happy

    A story of "How"
    Is how I told you.

    From: Me
    To: Me


    Blue Grave
    by Zachariah

    Standing naked before the bathtub
    I reach down and turn on the water
    A nice mixture of warm and cold
    The tub begins to fill

    I've always loved the sound of running water

    It puts my soul at ease
    Like the sound of rain

    I want to drown away all my pain


    by Zachariah

    I'm paralyzed
    by all your lies
    I'm mesmerized
    by your green eyes

    Your emerald stare
    Takes me there
    To a place
    Of such despair

    But wonders wait
    This love is hate
    I destroy
    You Create

    And together
    We violate

    As I fall into your dark heart
    You had me from the start
    Chained to this twisted bless
    Please be my Succubus

    And she whispers

    Your life, your soul
    Belongs to me
    Never again
    Will you be free


    Let's Play Hide and Seek
    by Zachariah

    "Can I go outside and play now mommy?"

    A 10-year-old boy was jumping up and down, so full of excitement that he couldn't standstill. He just finished his lunch and he knew after that, he was usually allowed to go outside and play. He kept asking his mother over and over again till she replied with an answer.

    "Please mommy, can I go outside and play?"

    He was standing before the front door, so anxious to get out, like a wild animal that's been held in captivity most of its life and finally it was being released from its cage. His hand was on the doorknob, so full of energy that he's shaking, the outside world was just beyond this door.

    "Did you finish all the food on your plate honey?"

    The boy heard his mother say and immediately answered the question, now he waits for his answer.

    "Yes honey, you can go outside and play. Please stay in the yard, away from the roads and away from strangers."

    The boy was already outside playing before his mother finished her sentence, all he needed to hear was yes. The weather was perfect today, a slight breeze was in the air and the sun gave off the right amount of heat. Nothing made this boy happier than to be outside, it was like the only reason he would wake up in the morning.

    Outside, the boy's imagination was his best friend and that's all he needed. He picked up sticks and used them as swords, pretending he was fighting monsters. The trees in his yard were people he would talk to, every tiny rock on the ground was money who could use to buy new weapons, and his house was a castle he had to protect from monsters. After a long day of vanquishing evil and saving the castle, the boy would rest his weary bones and put his imagination to sleep. Tomorrow would be full of new adventures and the boy couldn't wait. His mother would listen to all his stories while she tucked him into bed and she loved every story he told. He would always fall asleep before finishing. His mother would kiss his forehead and turn off his light.

    "Goodnight, my little hero."

    Tomorrow became today and the boy was ready to play. After school, he would run off the bus and straight to the kitchen, where he would wait for his lunch.

    "How was school today honey? Do you need help with any homework?

    His mother asked as she sat down next to him at the kitchen table.

    "School was great mommy, this girl in my class called me silly and kissed my cheek, it was funny. I do have some homework, could you help me with it, mommy?"

    After homework was done, his mother told him he could go play outside while she cooked dinner. He was super excited because the was the first time ever.

    The front yard was where the boy started his adventure, he grabbed a stick and charged headfirst into his imagination.

    "I'm here to save the day!"

    He yelled out with such spirit, a spirit of an unstoppable hero. Everything was going smoothly till the boy heard a voice, a girl's voice.

    "Let's play a game of hide and seek."

    The boy stopped and looked around, there was no one there. He was confused and a little scared.

    "Mommy told me I should stay away from strangers."

    The boy was about to run inside but the girl's voice stopped him.

    "Don't leave me, I'll cry. Please stay and play with me."

    The voice told the boy. He now felt sad for this mysterious girl. It was alright to play with this girl as long as he stays in the yard, he told himself. The boy waited for the girl to come out and play, but she didn't show herself.

    "We can play together, we just have to stay in the yard."

    He said happily, his voice had a little excitement in it because he never really had someone else to play with except his imaginary friends.

    "I want to play a game of hide and seek. I'll hide and you'll try to find me."

    The girl requested a game of hide and seek. The boy was excited because that was his favorite game, nothing could hide from him. He guessed since she didn't show herself, she was already hiding.

    "Before we start playing, you should have a look at what's in your hand."

    The boy did have a stick in his left hand but when she said that, he noticed the stick was gone. He looks down and sees a small piece of paper in his hand, it was in the shape of half of a heart.

    "If you can find me, I'll give you the other half of that paper heart. Are you ready to play?"

    The boy said yes and starting searching immediately. He looked around every tree in his yard, all around his house, under his mom's car, but she was nowhere to be found. He wasn't giving up, nothing could ever stay hidden from him. There were so many places to look, but that didn't seem to worry the boy, he was having fun.

    "I will find you."

    The boy had some serious confidence and he knew he'll find her sooner or later.

    "You can't hide forever."

    The boy noticed his voice sounded different, he sounded much older. Something wasn't right, he stopped and finally noticed the environment around him. His house didn't look the same, the grass in the yard was dead, and his mom's car was missing. It would appear that he's been searching for this girl for years, and still couldn't find her. His whole world was consumed by the need to find his girl, he cried out.

    "Where are you?"

    There was no reply. He fell to his knees and started crying, he could feel great pain, the pain of loneliness. His imagination was nothing but a memory, that happy-go-lucky child that saved the world from monsters was dead.

    All he wanted to do was find the girl, but he didn't know she would take his whole world away. This left him down on his knees, crying. He'll never find the other half of the heart and this made him feel incomplete. He was left with a torn heart.

    "I'll never find her."


    Here I Am Again
    by Zachariah

    Here I am again
    Hoping to be more than just a friend
    Now I'm here waiting
    Maybe someday I could be your king
    I'm not very hopeful
    Letting life use me as a tool
    Now I'm wondering where my heart went
    Not sure if it's broken or bent.

    Here I am again
    An empty soul full of sin
    Please take it all away
    I can't last one more day
    As blind as I am
    I guess I'm forever lost, darn
    Now here I am depressed
    The real me being suppressed

    Here I am again
    I guess I will never know when
    Now I stay isolated
    I don't know why I act like a kid
    Please let me start over
    Is this my fault or was it her
    Will the lord above bring it to an end

    Here I am again
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    Love and Lie
    by Zachariah

    To love is to lie
    Stay together till you die

    Yeah right!

    Wasting all your time
    With her on your mind

    Forget her!

    Don't trade your whole world
    For just one single girl

    Wake up!

    She will eat out your heart
    Tear you completely apart

    Run away!

    No one will love you
    And you know it's true

    Give up!

    Lie to love
    Love is a lie

    Don't cry!

    Always alone
    Alone till we die

    I'm sorry...


    Her Grave
    by Zachariah

    A harsh winter, a blizzard of frost fall, a snow-covered graveyard
    There was a boy mourning for his dead lover and in his hand was a goodbye card
    His love, a pretty girl by the name of Anna Rose was abused by her family
    It wasn't her fault that she was beaten repeatedly, but they still called her ugly
    Sticks and stones weren't needed to shatter her bones, words did just fine
    All those mean words and depressing thoughts destroyed her shine
    The boy couldn't do much to help but tell her that it's stupid to listen to them
    It was too late, depression got the best of her and this was an unbearable problem
    The card Anna left for him made him question why he cared and why he cried
    Tears were his unspoken words of sadness, his love was gone due to suicide
    The boy visited the grave every day to mourn and cry
    He just couldn't find it in his broken heart to move on and tell her bye
    It's hard for him to believe that she's really gone forever
    No matter what, the boy will always love her if separated or together
    There will never be another girl that can make him feel happy
    Now his heart feels locked and in front of him was the buried broken key
    If only he could have one more day with her so he could hold her again
    Kiss her, hug her, tell her that she was more than just a friend
    These sad nights alone were really beginning to bring him down
    Trying his best to stay alive, one wrong move and he could easily drown
    Winter whispers gave the boy chills from his head to his toes
    Something about today's visit was strange, a very mysterious rose
    Whoever left this rose on her grave didn't leave any footprints in the snow
    Could it have been a family member or another lover, this he did not know
    Holding the mysterious rose reminded him of that life-changing day
    The call, the note, her last words before she went away
    This rose gave off a scent that was very similar to Anna's perfume
    Deep inside, the smell surrounded the boy's soul with gloom
    A tear landed on the rose, he gave it back to her grave and headed home
    That night he had a feeling that he was being watched, he wasn't alone
    The boy returned the next day and what he saw was unbelievable
    A ghost dropping a rose by Anna's grave, it was like something from a fable
    He watched as the ghost faded with the cold blizzard, who's spirit was that
    Approaching the gravestone, the boy could hear a girl's voice crying out for Matt
    Now he was sure it was Anna's spirit, but why was she leaving roses behind
    Was she trying to speak to him or was there a hint that he just couldn't find
    Matt sat next to her resting place and remembered all the good times they had
    Holding hands, kissing, hugging, everything that made him happy and not sad
    Tonight was really cold, but Matt stayed because he was hoping for Anna's return
    Winter snowfall made this night unusual dark, next time the boy will bring a lantern
    Showing up really early hoping to see Anna's ghost again
    Standing there for hours waiting and waiting, but no sign of his beloved friend
    He saw the moon slowly rising from the snow-covered horizon, here comes night
    Matt was planning on staying longer than he did last time, so he brought a lantern for light
    Staying up was hard but Matt really wanted to see his love once more
    Hoping her spirit will appear again and drop another rose, that's what he was waiting for
    Hours passed, the night was cold, the graveyard was silent until Matt heard a whisper
    The voice pulled his tired eyes up off the ground and now he was staring at her
    Crying and laughing, holding all his emotions back at this point was impossible
    She handed him the rose and vanished with a smile knowing their love was unbreakable

    Anna Rose could finally rest in peace.
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