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    I would love to hear more when you get the chance. You do good work and feel free to direct message me some if you want. My username is Chreia#1000, and I'm also in the server discord.



    She's On My Mind
    by Zachariah

    Stop, I can live without.
    No I can't, I hate this doubt.

    Stop it, I'm better off alone.
    No I'm not, I'm scared on my own.

    Please stop, move on already.
    No, I want a family.

    Enough, you're wasting your time.
    But why is it always on my mind?

    You could offer me the perfect body and soul, but I'll still tell you no.
    You could make me immortal, but I'll call you a fool.
    You could satisfy my seven sins and still won't be happy within.
    I don't want everything, I just want one thing.

    So don't try to give me the world,
    because I won't take it.
    All I want, all I ever wanted is a girl.

    A girl named...
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    by Zachariah


    This world doesn't have enough


    Makes life so rough

    Oh time

    Please slow down

    Please hand over the crown

    Oh time

    You're an evil king

    You care not about the dying


    Where are your feelings

    Where are your healings


    It's too fast

    Nothing can last

    Oh time

    Are you punishing us for our crimes

    Oh time

    Please king, give me some



    Asking Her Out
    by Zachariah

    The tension was nerve-racking, every bone was shaking. A violent pounding heart that was on the brink of exploding. He was scared to death, dripping sweat, breathing heavy, a panic attack was only minutes away. His skin was crawling, slowly losing his mind just waiting for it. The hesitation was eating him alive. This was such an intense moment for him, but it was now or never. He was so nervous he couldn't handle it, the urge to puke was getting stronger. His heart was beating faster and faster.


    His whole world just stopped. He went from super nervous to unbelievably sad in a second. No. That was her answer, she just said no. It kept repeating in his head over and over and over again. A simple two-letter word shot a hole through his heart. Her voice was so beautiful but so deadly. His head lowered in disappointment, rejection was so painful.

    "I do like you, but I don't like you like that." She told him. You could tell she felt sorry from the tone of her voice. He looked into her beautiful blue eyes. They were so mesmerizing, like looking at a sky full of stars. His sight slowly lowered to her chest, he just couldn't help himself. The yellow long-sleeved, low cut shirt she was wearing made it impossible not to stare. She was talking to him, but every word went in one ear and out the other. He was so nervous and she was so pretty, he couldn't look at her face. She stopped mid-sentence and her hand went up.



    The Side of Me I Hate The Most
    by Zachariah

    There's one thing we all can't deny and that's the mindless animal inside us. It craves pleasure, it seeks satisfaction. The creature inside that eats me alive is what I hate. I will never find peace with this beast. I can't kill it so I must live with it. Everyone else lets their animal take control, throwing all their dignity and respect away. They only seek satisfaction. They feed, seed, breed, and leave. I despise those people and that's the side of me I hate the most.


    Teach Me Love
    by Zachariah

    I'm sad...


    This sadness inspires me to write.

    My heart is crying out and every tear is a new word. My soul commands my hands and I follow the sound of the teardrops. I'm standing in water now and I'm about to drown.

    I'm crying to the Heaven's above...

    This is for my heavy heart! Please God, teach me love!


    by Zachariah

    I pray to God, pray to God that you're not already taken
    I pray to God, pray to God that you'll let my heart in
    I pray to God, pray to God that you'll love me and only me
    I pray to God, pray to God and tell him this isn't easy

    I tell myself, tell myself that I'll never be good enough
    I tell myself, tell myself that this life I live is too tough
    I tell myself, tell myself that there must be something more
    I tell myself, tell myself a lie and there is nothing more

    I stand here, right here and watch the red wind pass by
    I stand here, right here and try my hardest not to cry
    I stand here, right here and see your broken heart
    I stand here, right here and it's tearing me apart

    I want you, only you but I know you don't want me
    I want you, only you but I know you just want to be free
    I want you, only you forever and ever till we die
    I want you, only you till the day we can fly

    But the prey can't pray, so I'll just go away...


    Pretty Face
    by Zachariah

    You're not just another pretty face
    Something about you moves my heart out of place

    Words could never describe the beauty you surely hold
    It's amazing to know that your beauty will never grow old

    The way you look can easily take a man's breath away
    Eyes like the moon and the sun, you can make anyone's day

    My whole life was a waste, but you gave it meaning again
    Your beauty tells me that your heart wants more than a friend

    I'm here, but do I have what it takes to hold something rare
    Am I even worthy enough to look or even stare

    It's not every day that a man gets to see someone like you
    I know your smile could make the darkest days so blue

    Sometimes I'm really sad because I know I'm not a lucky guy
    Sad enough where I just want to cry, cry and cry

    I can't explain this new feeling that your beauty puts in me
    Something so deep that it could finally set my heart free

    Is it cool if I could get to know you a little more
    My promise I won't break, I won't walk out that door

    You're not just another pretty face
    Something about you moves my heart out of place

    Words could never describe the beauty you surely hold
    It's amazing to know that your beauty will never grow old

    The way you look can easily take my breath away

    Eyes like the moon and the sun, you can make my day
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    No One Knew Him
    by Zachariah

    Once a class of 12, now a class of 13
    He's a new kid by the name of Timothy Greene

    It wasn't long before everyone started acting mean
    Poor kid was only 14

    Timothy's life at home was already rough
    His stepmother sold all his stuff

    Always abused, the poor kid wasn't tough
    His father didn't care enough

    Timothy's only brother died at a young age
    His parents didn't care and this filled him with rage

    Now he stays locked away in his own cage
    Just another depressing page

    He was tortured till he cried
    Now Timothy wants to hide

    Nothing left, not even his pride

    No one knew him so he committed suicide
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    Drowning In Circles
    by Zachariah

    I need another beer...


    My vision is blurry and my thoughts are clouded. This is what I wanted...


    I'll never get what I want. I don't deserve it.

    Actually, I don't need it.

    What I do need...

    Is another beer.

    The night is slow and the music is loud...

    I wish she was here...

    Darn it.

    I can't stop thinking about her. My clouded thoughts are useless...

    She shines through like the sun.

    All these darn songs remind me of her, but I really like these songs because they remind me of her...

    Why do I do this to myself?

    It's impossible to drown out my thoughts of her.


    I need to stop trying to forget her and start trying to embrace her. She might be gone but she was once there.

    That's a comforting fact.

    I'll write about her...

    Words straight from the heart.

    Who am I kidding?

    If I write anything, I should write the truth.


    I need another...


    Human Sin
    by Zachariah

    Human sin
    Will win

    Total control
    Our goal

    My greed
    I need

    It all
    No flaw

    This sin

    I want
    I hunt

    I lust
    I must

    Have her

    My sin
    Once again

    Pulls me
    Can't flee

    We envy
    The free

    And everything

    The sin
    All seven

    No friend

    No end


    We Are Human
    by Zachariah

    Breed the seed, spread like fire. A filthy act of lust and desire. Animalistic behavior so abusive, so intrusive it's elusive. Kill the dignity for pleasure, kill respect for the moment. A dirty dance that will never seek atonement. Open the skin, feel it within. Nasty and disgusting sin. Animals will never understand. Passion isn't about heartless command. We are human.


    by Zachariah

    A beautiful body, the baby is born
    A humble heart, the child will grow
    A majestic mind, the man will learn
    A selfless soul, to Heaven he'll go


    by Zachariah

    Hands are made to hold
    That's what I was once told
    Why are my hands left cold
    Being alone is getting old
    A heart beaten, broken and sold
    My feelings are about to unfold
    I'll no longer be cajoled
    I will try my best to stay bold
    Stand tall and stay gold

    Because one day, I'll have someone to hold.
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    by Zachariah

    I know that I'm lonely
    With no one to hold me
    And the day that you told me
    You swore that you loved me
    And now that you're not here
    I know that it's not real
    You'll never know how I feel
    And now this pain will never heal


    by Zachariah

    All my hope
    And my body
    Hangs from a rope
    I'm so sorry

    If I fail

    I want you to know
    What I'm saying
    And where I'll go
    Now I'm hanging

    If I fall


    I'm glad you're enjoying my writing. :D

    ...It's different for me, I write these from the heart but I still tell myself that my writing will never be good enough.

    It seems I'm never satisfied with my work.


    When you work harder, and smart towards your goal you will achieve it with excellence. You're doing an excellent job, and keep up the good work! These are always a good read, and I like seeing new ones. :)



    Thank you Chreia, that means a lot to me. I'll always continue to write. :D

    Here's another one, I wrote this one at work today.