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    | Lust |

    She's hunting and she's haunting
    I'm running and I'm hiding

    My soul she will eat
    My body she will complete

    She's stealing and she's killing
    I'm falling and I'm dying

    My heart she will break
    My love she will take

    She's laughing and she's crying
    I'm loving and I'm lying

    My mind she will mold
    My pain she will hold

    She's running and she's hiding
    I'm hunting and I'm haunting

    Her soul I will eat
    Her body I will complete

    I'm stealing and I'm killing
    She's falling and she's dying

    Her heart I will break

    Her love I will take
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    | I Want To |

    I want to live the life I want to live, but I can't
    What I want is not what I need

    I must throw everything I want away
    That means I must throw you away

    You are what I want the most in this world
    But I can't have you because I don't need you

    That fact is what's killing me
    It keeps me up at night

    It's the reason I cry

    It's the reason I want to die
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    I just wrote this one for Shurg and the fast-food store he built (Shurger King) on the Survival Blue server. It's on the wall of the store so anyone can read it.

    | Shurger King Song |

    Shurger King
    Wears the crown
    Making food
    For the town

    Eat it up
    It's goin down
    People come
    From all around

    When they hear
    A hungry sound
    They rushing in
    Shake the ground

    Eating beef
    By the pound
    So come on down

    To Shurger King
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    The Kingdom of Soltaria

    Chapter 1 - The Team

    We just got our second official mission from the Kingdom. They told us we must locate some ancient artifact and bring it to the Silverwall storage before it falls into dark hands. The desert in the north was where we must go, the artifact was there. This mission should take about two days and we shouldn't run into any problems, well that's what they told us.

    "Why do we continue to waste time?" It was clear she was mad, but I couldn't do much about it. I look over at her. Naomi, a ninja from the far east, a little on the short side, but she was an expert warrior. She kept her long black hair in a ponytail so it wouldn't get in her way. Her shinobi shōzoku had a steel breastplate, thick rounded steel shoulder pads, and extended knee pads to give extra protection. She had a katana on her back and small leather pouches around her belt that were full of kunai, shurikens, smoke bombs and flash bombs. Naomi was prepared for any battle, no matter how hard.

    "I can't just ignore the Kingdom's order. I'm a pride knight of Soltaria, so I serve the Kingdom when I'm needed." I explain, but it just goes over her head. She's a very stubborn person. I look over at Ra'Gin, waiting for him to say something but he stays quiet, like always.

    Ra'Gin or Ra for short was a monk from the far west. He was a tall guy, short golden hair, always wearing the same yellow and white kasaya robe, with an emotionless face and a deep calm voice. I'm surprised he's still alive because he couldn't fight anything. His teachings won't allow him to use his physical form to harm others. He's bound by three spiritual body chains. The chains weren't visible to us because only monks could see them, but he told us where they were located and what they did. The chain of the sacred body was around his neck, this stopped him from ever making contact with anything living. So Ra couldn't touch anything that was alive. The chain of cosmic placement was around his ankles, they stopped him from moving fast. The chain of God's hands were around his wrists, stopping him from raising his hands above his waist. The three chains were holding back his true potential. It was possible to break these chains and be free from the laws of the universe, becoming an unstoppable force, but it would kill him. Ra was a little useless, but his knowledge was helpful.

    I bet you're wondering how in the world did a knight, a ninja, and a monk come together to form a team. Well, that story goes back a couple years. I was a little boy when my village was destroyed by a giant armored demon. I was the only survivor, everyone else got brutally slaughtered. The village was nothing but ashes. So I ran far away and came across a group of knights. They took me in and I told them what happened. Soon after, they asked if I wanted to become a knight and I agreed.

    A couple of years pass and I learn I wasn't the only one who suffered that fate, Ra and Naomi also did. The Kingdom sent me and a small group of knights to the mountains far out west. On the way to our destination, we came across a village that was completely destroyed. It was Ra's village and the same giant armored demon who attacked my village was responsible for the destruction. He was helpless so we brought him back to the Kingdom with us. About two years later, the Kingdom sent me far out east to some forest. I came across Naomi's village, it was burnt to the ground. It didn't take me long to figure out what had happened. It was clear that the same giant demon attacked the village. On my way back to the Kingdom, I met Naomi. She was wondering the woods, bleeding out. I assisted her back to health and she told what happened. Her expert ninja training wasn't enough to stop that demon. I asked her to join me at the Kingdom and she agreed.

    Ra and Naomi wanted to find that demon, and so did I. So we became a team, but since I was a pride knight of Soltaria, I couldn't really focus on searching. I was stuck serving the Kingdom. Ra and Naomi didn't leave my side, but they hated that fact I wasn't really helping them get any closer to the demon. Some of my missions would give us hints and clues about the demon's origin, but no leads.

    We stayed as a team because together we could bring that demon down for good, wherever it may be.
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    The Kingdom of Soltaria

    Chapter 2 - Desert Oasis

    The sun in the ocean blue sky was more like a gate to the netherworld. It was wide open, constantly letting out a dreadful heat wave. The desert air was like fire.

    "The Oasis Sanctuary should be right over those sand dunes." I told my comrades. My courageous and bold voice broke the silence between the team.

    We've been traveling for nearly six hours in this barren desert. Finally, we could see our destination. The Oasis Sanctuary was a small sandstone structure, surrounded by a small amount of water and some palm trees. It was the location for the mission we were given. We had to locate an ancient artifact that was left behind by the lost civilization of Anu'Omonbis. This artifact had the power to manipulate sand. It could create anything the wielder sees fit.

    "This must be the place. Let's check out what's inside." I heard Naomi say. I agree. This desert is definitely killing me, especially in my royal armor.

    Naomi was the first to adventure towards the structure, I followed behind her and Ra was behind me. This mission shouldn't be too hard, the Oasis Sanctuary has been abandoned for years. There's a good chance we won't encounter any enemies, but it's best to stay ready for anything. We approach the entrance, something didn't feel right to me.

    "I'll give us some light." I reach for my runestone pouch that was hanging on the right side of my hip. It was full of small white oval-shaped stones, each had a different symbol engraved on it. Those symbols showed the user what element the rune stone possessed. I pull out a stone that had the symbol of a salamander on it, this stone holds the element of fire.

    "Stand back." I crush the stone in my hand, it turns into a sand-like powder. I throw the powder into the dark entrance. Me and my team take a couple steps back. We watch as my runestone does its trick.

    The powder turns into a liquid and begins to spark. It explodes and the liquid becomes a flame. The explosion spreads the fire all over the walls of the entrance, giving us light. This would have killed anything lurking in the shadows. I approach the blazing entrance of the sanctuary.

    "If there were any trap spells here, they're gone now." Naomi jumps in front of me. We all stand and listen for any sounds that could came from inside. If there was anything still here, the explosion from the runestone should have alerted it. I get my sword ready, Naomi tightens her grip on her kunai and Ra doesn't really do much preparing. He stands tall with his hands behind his back, like always.

    "I'll lead the way. Let's find this artifact as soon as possible, I'm tired of this heat."

    My team enters the structure, I was in front with my sword ready. If there was anything here, it wasn't showing itself. As we ventured further in, the light from my fire rune was slowly fading behind us. I use my elemental-control gloves to grab some fire of the wall. These gloves give me all sorts of different abilities involving the four basic elements. I can hold fire, soften any type stone or rock, create a barrier made of wind, and heat up or freeze water. I was given these gloves when I finished my ninth day of training at the Knight Academy. They can prove to be very helpful in any situation.

    "This will light our way."

    I use the fire in my hand to light the rest of our way. We arrive at a set of stairs going down. The smell of something demonic hits Naomi's nose and she stops.

    "Something's coming."

    We hear a loud scream come from the bottom of the stairs. The fire in my hand goes out as a large gust of wind blows past us. Naomi throws her kunai into the shadows of the downward passageway, it comes flying back and she catches it. I throw three fire runes down into the shadows and wait for them to explode.

    "I think we might have a desert banshee on our hands. Everyone get ready."

    As my runes explode, we hear that same violent scream again. We watch as two large glowing eyes appear in the distance of the shadows. None of us had any time to react as it launched toward us from the darkness. I get hit the hardest, probably because I was in the front. I'm sent flying back till I hit the ground, I slide a couple inches. Ra and Naomi manage to avoid the attack, but barely. The sand around the banshee was sharp and boiling hot, I would have died if it wasn't for my of royal rune armor. This monster isn't going to be easy to defeat.

    I get up off the ground and back on my feet. I was right, it was a desert banshee. Nothing special about this one, it was your average banshee. All of them usually look the same depending on the location. The desert banshee had a large cloak made entirely of sand, it was spiraling around its body. Under the cloak was a floating skeleton that had a dense layer of sand over it's bones. The skull had a horn in the center of the forehead, it was about eight inches long. Most banshees only have one horn, if they have more than one, that's a problem. All their screams sounded the same to me and sadly there was no real way to avoid the brutal sound. It was loud enough to shake your bones.

    With no source of light, fighting this banshee was going to be hard. Ra quickly creates a small spiritual sphere by snapping his fingers. It floats up and stays behind his left shoulder. The sphere was a blue glowing ball that radiated an intense amount of light.

    It distracts the banshee, giving us an opening.

    Naomi was the first to attack. She threw two of her explosion kunai at the skull of the banshee, hoping to finish it off as quickly as possible. We had to keep our distance, the spinning sand around it would tear us to pieces. Both of Naomi's kunai hit and explode, but do no damage. The spiraling sand stopped them from making contact with the skull. I quickly reach into my runestone pouch and pull out a wind rune. This rune will blow away the sand cloak around it. I crush the stone in my hand and throw the powder towards the banshee. It turns into an intense gust of wind before the powder even leaves my palm. The motion of my throw turns the wind into a small tornado. It does exactly what I wanted. The banshee's sand cloak was taken away by the wind rune.

    It's completely defenseless now.

    I charge in and swing my sword at the rib cage. It won't be easy to cut through the dense layer of sand around the bones so I give my swing a little extra power. It hits and breaks through the banshee's defense. I quickly swing again, aiming for the neck. My sword successfully cuts the head off. We watch the dense sand return to normal as it falls to the ground.

    Something wasn't right, there were no bones. I search the sand and find no remains. This banshee was made completely of sand. That's not normal.

    "This banshee wasn't real..."


    | Wonder |

    This life
    I live
    I know
    Will give

    So what
    So now

    I wait
    I hate
    My fate
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    | The Extra Mile |

    My body
    My bones
    They ache

    My mind
    My soul
    They break

    This pain
    This strife
    I must take

    To live this life
    To find a family
    To find a wife

    To raise a child
    To find a smile
    To make living

    To move forward
    To find a future
    And go the extra mile
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    | Deformed |

    The universe, a burst
    This was the beginning
    Of something more
    Reality opened the door
    Life was born, took form
    Planets performed, a curse
    Humanity, full of strife
    Transformed, the worse
    Insanity, so deformed
    Angel wings and Devil horns
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    | Strangers |

    I don't know who she is
    I look her way

    What should I say to her
    To make her stay

    Please don't go
    Don't go away

    I don't know who he is
    I look his way

    What should I say to him
    To make him stay

    Please don't go
    Don't go away
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