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  • This is a story about Miles the worlds strongest man.


    Miles: OYYY roni lower the sales a big storms coming.
    Ronip: Ay Ay captain Miles.
    "Miles and roni battle thru the intense storm"
    Miles: Ahhhh finally over oyy roni imma take a nap make sure the ship goes to the destination as planned
    Ronip: Ay Ay Captain Miles.
    "Miles is taking his nap in the ships hammock with his stinky feet up in the air making the whole ship smell like rotten cheese"
    Miles: Whoooo that was a nice nap how many days until we arrive at our destination?
    Ronip: 3days Captain Miles.
    Miles: Soo long imma take a big nap
    " Once again Miles takes a nap but this time its a big one actually a 3 day long nap"
    Roni: Captain Miles we have arrived at our destination
    Miles: Great
    " Ronip lowers the anker and lowers the plank"
    "Miles and ronip walk towards the castle door"
    " Miles knocks at the door 3 times"
    Miles: Hello its me Miles.
    "Aries opens the door"
    Miles: Aries!! yo wanna be my gf?
    "Aries shuts the door with a huge slam"
    This has been the story of Miles the worlds strongest man.