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This Plugin Needs to be Fixed ASAP

Discussion in 'Help Section' started by creeperkil99, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. creeperkil99

    creeperkil99 New Member

    Nov 25, 2015
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    I recently wanted to come back to Aspiria (AKA: Oldtown) To see what happened. Besides the fact that the server is nearly dead, the new plugin with the "Please do not repeat the same (or similar) command", message after typing /backpack 1 - 3 or any other command 2 times is downright annoying.

    First off, I can NOT access my /backpack anymore. No, seriously, it won't let me access it anymore because of this new plugin. And I'm willing to bet that it won't let me access other commands if I accidentally exit out of it and want to go back to it. In fact, it most likely is a problem for any other command. At the very most, it will make me type in any other random command just for me to type that command again (which is tedious and vexatious) and even that still doesn't work sometimes. Lastly, there is no timer for this. I do understand that command spamming is an issue but at the very least put a timed delay on when you can type that command again. like, in 3 second intervals. And yes, I know there is a timer for the /backpack command, which is 15 seconds, but even after 15 seconds, it still says that same "Please do not repeat the same (or similar) command" message, which makes me wait 15 more seconds. It's an endless loop of waiting. Even if I log out of the server and log back in, it still won't let me type my commands again. Like I said, this most likely has an effect on every other command in the server as well.

    Now I don't know what this plugin is so I don't know if there is any way to edit the plugin for it to be less irritating, nor do I know the name of it, but all I know is that this plugin has to do with spam and it was installed probably in the last few weeks. But nevertheless, if there is another plugin that is better, a way to optimize/edit this plugin in a way, or if this plugin can be removed altogether, that would be splendid. Because this plugin is pretty much a step backwards in Oldtown's path of regrowing. I mean, no one wants to play on a server where they can't type in their own commands after 1 time of typing it and will have to try their hardest to fix it themselves. Anyways. I'm going to stop making this thread longer since I feel like I'm rambling too much and even might spurt out nonsense.

    IGN: Antarticat

    Notify me if needed/wanted. And if anyone else finds this a problem as well, let the staff know. Thanks.
  2. DreadySemicolon

    DreadySemicolon Bishop of the umi order
    Retired Mod King

    Mar 21, 2015
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    I can confirm this for the /seen command. Apparently the server restart doesn't reset the spam flag, too.
  3. Lapis_Firestar


    Aug 19, 2015
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    Yeah no im kinda upsetti that i cant access my backpacks because of this, I have lots of stone in there and i want it for building ;-;

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