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  • Top 5 ways to calculate football betting money (Full win, full loss, half win, half loss,...)

    Calculating money in football betting is the most basic skill that every player must have.

    This is because if you don't know how much you will earn or lose, it can lead to many difficulties and unpredictable consequences, and you may fall victim to fraudulent betting tips telegram.

    Here are some easy-to-understand guides on calculating football betting odds to quickly update you with the necessary knowledge when entering this field.

    Why should you know how to calculate money in football betting?
    New bettors entering football betting often make a common mistake of not memorizing how to calculate specific odds for themselves.

    Most of them rely on the bookmaker's automatic calculation utility after the results are announced, without realizing that this is a double-edged sword that can make many bettors lose money unexpectedly.

    In fact, there are many reasons why you should learn how to calculate football betting wins and losses when placing bets along with various other forms at online bookmakers.

    However, to help you have a specific understanding without spending too much time, below are some main reasons you should know for yourself:

    Only when you know how to calculate gambling money in football betting can you strategize your bets for maximum efficiency and suitability with your capital.

    Bookmakers are not obligated to inform you in advance of potential scenarios but only settle finances after the match ends.

    Learning how to calculate betting money in football is also a method to help players assess the credibility and transparency of the chosen wintip.

    Not every address in the market operates financially transparently and fairly.

    Knowing how to calculate winnings or losses when playing doesn't take too much of your time but can provide understanding and confidence that money can't buy.

    So why not spend 5 to 10 minutes to acquire this essential calculation skill?

    The most comprehensive ways to calculate football betting money
    To prevent you from waiting any longer, here is a comprehensive compilation of all the methods for calculating money in football betting in the most updated version:

    Calculation of full win football odds

    Basically, all types of bets have the same calculation method for when the player wins the full amount.

    The total winnings you receive will be the product of the odds ratio and the initial amount of money invested. Full win applies to all bets, and for better understanding, we will provide examples.

    a. Calculation of full win Asian handicap football odds

    Playing Asian handicap bets and winning in full is straightforward to calculate. Simply multiply the bet amount by the winning odds confirmed by the bookmaker using the following formula:

    Asian Handicap winnings = winning odds x bet amount

    Example: You bet 100,000 on odds of 1.63, and if you win, you will receive = 100 x 1.63 = 163,000 dong.

    b. Calculation of full win over/under football odds

    Similar to full win 1×2 bets, full win over/under bets will fully win the rewards from the bookmaker. We apply the same calculation formula as above if the player correctly predicts the total goals scored by both teams as over or under the odds ratio given by the bookmaker.

    Over/Under winnings = winning odds x bet amount

    Example: In a match between Juventus and Lazio, choosing over/under with an over sure home win prediction. If the match ends with 3 goals scored, and the odds are 1.81, betting 100k will result in winning 100 x 1.81 = 181k.

    c. Calculation of full win handicap football odds

    In handicap betting, there are various scenarios where the bettor only wins the full amount if they correctly predict the winning/losing team according to the handicap ratio.

    Therefore, the most important thing is for players to know how to read handicap odds in football betting. When predicted correctly, apply these full win calculations:

    Handicap winnings = handicap odds x bet amount

    Example: Handicap of 1 goal in the match FC Bulleen Lions vs Werribee City SC, if choosing Bulleen Lions to win by 2 goals or more, the player will choose this option for full win. Therefore, when betting 100k, the winnings would typically be 100 x 2.14 = 214k.

    Calculation of football score betting money when losing full

    Conversely, when you lose the bet after betting on team A, how do you calculate the loss?

    This situation is relatively simple because immediately after placing the bet, the bookmaker deducts the corresponding capital amount from your personal account.

    Loss money = bet amount for the losing side

    Example: Betting 100k but not accurate, resulting in a loss of 100k. In other words, you will not be refunded if you predict the outcome of the match of those two teams incorrectly.

    However, in some cases, at negative odds, if you lose, you have: Loss money = losing odds x initial bet amount.

    Simply put, when losing the full bet, you will lose less, and the bookmaker will refund part of the difference.

    Calculation of half win football betting

    In some special betting forms of handicap or over/under bets, there will be situations where the player only wins half the usual amount of rewards.

    The main reason for this is that the best app for football prediction bet odds are almost accurate, so the bookmaker decides to pay half the profit to encourage member morale.

    Amount of profit received = [Corresponding bet ratio x initial bet amount] / 2

    Example: You bet 100k on odds with a ratio of 0.96, then the amount received is [100 x 0.96] / 2 = 48k.

    Calculation of half loss football score betting money

    Similar to the calculation of half win bets, half loss bets mean that the bookmaker will not deduct all of your initial bet amount, but will refund half.

    Therefore, the calculation for half win is as follows:

    Loss money = Bet amount / 2

    Example: Betting 100k on odds with a ratio of 1.28, but losing, the loss amount will be 100 / 2 = 50k.

    Calculation of football betting odds in parlay bets

    Parlay bets are relatively special because you place a series of matches to form a parlay bet, so the calculation of football betting money is as follows:

    1×2 parlay odds = Odds 1 x odds 2 x odds 3 x ….

    Handicap and over/under parlay odds = winning odds x [winning odds half - 1] / 2 x [losing odds half] / 2 x tie odds

    When playing football parlay bets, if only one bet loses, you will lose all the bet money. However, if you win, you will receive a very large amount of winnings.

    Winnings = parlay odds x initial bet amount.

    Calculating football betting money is not difficult at all; it's extremely simple, so anyone can easily remember it after just one learning session.

    However, you should not be complacent and overlook this fundamental knowledge, which is crucial, as it can make you fail due to incorrect betting tactics.