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    Hello, I have been sharing my Minecraft account with my brother for about 10 years now. WE both play on different servers. I was wondering if there is a way I could transfer my rank and ownership of my sky island and Survival Blue stuff over to another account if I buy a new account to play on. This way I am not kicking him out of Minecraft when He is playing with his friends and vice versa.


    Heya @Roronoa_22! Yes, this is possible, and I'm glad that you asked about it before losing access to the account, it makes things a lot easier!

    If you could, coming onto our Discord would be the fastest and easiest way to handle it - just click the discord link in the upper right (that shows how many people are on it). Once you get access to the discord we have a Support section where you can open up a private ticket with us to help resolve this.

    If for some reason you can't do that, there is a Staff Help section on the forum that we can work through and get this resolved that way.

    But, in short, we will need some way to verify you own the account - at least presently - as well as verification that you own the account you will be transferring everything to.