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  • Truly sorry

    i did a very bad thing to this server that goes against their first and most important rule but i want to apologize to ChickenSaysBak for stealing a few diamond blocks from him and i believe that you are very right in banning me from the server but i love this server and the community and wish to allowed back.... Im so sorry and to repay ChickenSays Bak i will give him twice what i stole!!!!!
    I think that you'll be a wonderful addition to the community now. You've learned that the server doesn't take any Cr*p and you're willing to live and learn.
    As long as you do the Unban application I think you'll be fine :)
    Okay soo... I have sent two or three unban applications but no one has ever gotten back with me on them please i would love an answer back as soon as possible...
    They'll get you unbanned within the next couple of days. You may not get a reply/message back, but they definatily got it and will unban you when they think you got what you deserved. :D