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    So I'm somewhere away from home remote controlling my computer through my android, and I need help. I decided to bring along my 3ds to my destinaiton and I was wondering what's a good game to play on it \ono/

    So I asked for an intense game and someone said super mario... Like really guys? (It kinda shows how you guys only look at mainstream games >_>)
    I want hardcore stuff like this o3o:
    Right now I have something similar to that, Iron Combat War In The Air... Any suggestions on what game to get? (planning to get Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate so that's outa the scene o3o)


    Bishop of the umi order
    You say you want hardcore stuff, but I can only suggest Zelda remasters that rely on the nostalgia factor ,_, all my "hardcore stuff" is on PC / Xbox Then why are you answering, you might ask. I don't know. I'm passing time :c


    Bishop of the umi order
    Where dahek is Fatey supposed to find a bear? ,., I doubt zoo bears will be approachable, so they're out of the list .-.


    Bishop of the umi order
    My suggestion, which I already shared, is to find a yandere girlfriend ,., but again, you'll need to make sure it's the possessive kind, or else you'll be the subject of the "intensity" :c