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    Griefing has many different types, and occurs in many different games.
    General Griefing:
    1: Training, or angering hostile mobs to chase you at another player. This is named because the chain of mobs looks like a train.
    2: Camping, or killing a player, then killing them again at their point of death or the spawn.
    3: PVP stalking, or stalking a player and continuing to kill them. This is similar to camping, but occurs with the same player for a long period of time.
    4: Chat spamming, or adding random text or profanity into the chat.
    Specific Griefing:
    Sandbox Games
    5: Spleefing. This is very annoying if this occurs outside a designated spleef arena.
    6: Walls. Self-explanatory, but must be constructed out of a high-level material that cannot be easily destroyed. This is also used to defend against griefers.
    7: Encasement in walls. Normal walls, but surrounding a player so s/he can't get out.
    FPS games
    8: Sniping. This is normally not griefing, but is a form of the PVP stalker.
    Targets for Griefers:
    1. Minecraft. This game is a sandbox game, and is easily griefed. This game is particularly good for griefing as almost-indestructible structures can be built out of obsidian and used for walling and encasement.
    2. World of Warcraft. This game is very popular, and thus griefed often.
    3. Terraria. This game is very similar to Minecraft, as both were based off the game Infiniminer, and thus is griefed in very similar ways.
    reference from https://www.urbandictionary.com/

    Can I get unbanned? I do not think I violated any.
    Or plz let me know the Reason.
    player name:Justinalovado(or 'JUSTINALOVADO' I dont remember if Its capital letter or not)


    Junior Mod
    Junior Mod
    You were banned for griefing, you destroyed another player's build. It is a 2 day ban