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    My name is DearEvanHansen and when my friends and I joined, we didn't notice the bountiful amount of small claims around where we built our base. Now, we can not fully claim our base because there are people who haven't been on in weeks (or in one case months) and their small 7x7 claim is preventing me from claiming.

    In the past, I know other servers had a timeframe where if you were logged off for a period of time, your claim disappeared, I was wondering if there's any way due to the fact each of these claims is; old, not played on, and small with hardly any build (or no build at all) if we could get them unclaimed so I could claim the land.

    The land is
    Jaboticon (9x9) Last login: 18 Days ago ~Small Hut
    -2029, 90, 4418
    xZiomeczeQ (14x14) Last login: 55 Days ago ~Small Farm
    -2002, 70, 4406
    Fayth_Pierro (9x9) Last Login: 3 Days ago ~No Build
    -2002, 69, 4365 (I sent her mail asking her if she would be willing to delete the claim)

    Thank you for your time!