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    Bishop of the umi order
    Hi, I'm writing this post to let some people (those I usually talk to and/or might want/need me online, mainly the Staff team) know that I'm going through... "unexpected" vacations: A friend of mine invited me to visit him a week ago, and I haven't been online since then because, you know, there are 600 Kilometers between us; My brother, who currently lives in a neighbouring region is coming to visit us right now, and from what I heard we're going somewhere in the alps - I don't even know anymore, I've been traveling here and there without staying home for more than 5 days. I obviously can't bring my desktop PC, and my laptop PC can't even properly run MSDOS, let alone Minecraft.

    I'll be absent for god knows how much, maybe a month or so. The end .-.
    Don't say you'll miss me, I'm not target pratice nobody will miss me I hate drama and I'll be back anyway >:C

    p.s. : I could have privately told this to the Staff and the other people, but this is easier to divulge, and America is a free country and I have the freedom to write this public post!
    I don't even live in America, BUT THAT'S BESIDE THE POINT.


    Bishop of the umi order
    Wrong, it means reduced random conversations for a while °^°
    [DOUBLEPOST=1438103294][/DOUBLEPOST]Speaking of randomness

    Dat racist humor O^O


    Bishop of the umi order
    no u m9 :c I'm already yanthere, I can't transport stuff with my mind .-.
    Speaking of my mind, I'd better connect to Slack ,_,