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    Here on the forums I have seen a lot of names changing and many of the people I used to know are now unrecognizable. I was hoping maybe if you had recently changed your user name you might post here so we can all know players old names and new names. This may prevent some confusion and alleviate some issues. I will start off as I too have changed my user name from "rylankale" to the all new and completely different "RylanKale".


    Formerly known as fidelify
    I changed mines from fidelify to 1decepticon, but I regret it, so I'll change it back next month lol.
    My name was CooldudeJKLMN. Now it is Pann or Panndabear. I'll try to change my name on the forums.
    Nick, im confused, so you're cooldude?, do u have many accounts? cause u'r pann and you're pandabeaR? I only remember Cooldude, thats why i ask.