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    Hello. I'm new to the site, and I have two questions:

    How to private message people?
    How does the Inbox button work?


    Hi there Hunter57! Welcome to Aspiria!

    You can start conversations with people by clicking their name and then clicking on the "Start Conversation" button.
    As for the inbox, you'll received notifications whenever someone responds to you in a thread or messages you.

    Hope you enjoy the server!



    Part One/Messaging The Player(s):
    Hello, thank you for taking to the forums and asking this question.

    1] You need to go to the player profile and click on the logo that shows up.
    Here is a screenshot of what you should see:
    Once you see that, click on the "Start conversation" button, and it will direct you to their inbox.
    Here is the button you should see:
    Then, you should see a page that allows you to chat/message with the other player(s).
    Here is the screen you should see:
    After you have arrived there, feel free to type the message you would like to send to the player. Then, you have completely messaged a player on the forums!

    Part Two/Checking Your Inbox:
    Once you log back into the forums, and the player has responded, you would see a notification at the top of your screen.
    Here is the notification you should see: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/613589262528413697/650512595287146519/Screenshot_2.png

    Then click on the link, and you will see the message the player sent you. Then from there, you can feel free to reply to them.
    Now you have successfully messaged a player, and checked your inbox! I hope you have a nice day and continue to prosper in the forums/Aspiria.